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  • Shard

    Shard is a notorious Bounty Hunter favoured by the Black Suns and occasionally the Hutt Cartel. She is a Mandalorian who was previously involved with the political terrorist group, Death Watch. After Zetnu’ri was involved in a public gun fight on Cloud …

  • Medusa

    Medusa is a contract bounty hunter who often works with various Hutts in the Hutt Cartel. She has had some work experience with the Black Sun but tends to keep to Hutt Space, notably Nar Shaddaa. Medusa does not have a ship and relies on working in …

  • Kokichi

    Like many of their kind, Kokichi is an excellent Technician who works contracts alongside other bounty hunters for the [[Hutt Cartel | Hutt Cartel]]. Kokichi prefers the deserts of Tatooine but generally ends up taking jobs around [[Nar Shadaa | Nar …

  • Coral La

    Coral La is a bounty hunter who responds to a variety of contracts. She is currently on retainer by Teemo the Hutt as personal bodyguard.

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