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    Starring [[:callia | Callia]] [[:qurzer | Qurzer]] [[:qos-ant-osond | Qos'ant'osond]] [[:zetnu-ri | Zetnu'ri]] Guest Starring [[:rakine-bokete | Rakine Bokete]] [[:cassiopeia-wong | Cassiopeia Wong]] [[:garbol | GARBOL]] [[:ingrid | Ingrid]]

  • Zetnu'ri

    Zetnu'ri, or Zet Nuri to her companions, is a smuggler, a thief, and an all-around criminal. Born on [[Nar Shadaa | Nar Shaddaa]] to a pair of former slaves ([[:jirgu-ri | Jirgu'ri]] and [[:yune-tala | Yune'tala]]), she was raised in extreme poverty. …

  • Callia

    Like many destined for a life of service to the galaxy, Callia was taken from her home at a very young age. She neither remembers or really desires to remember her life from before the Temple. The Temple was the only childhood she knew and with that she …

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