Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

A Letter

Chapter 14


Dear Queen,

I hope the supplies my comrades and I have sent are seeing our world well. For sure it has claimed you dominance over the other septs. They will be honoured by your leadership, if you so wish it. I often think of you and the sisters. It has distracted me from the missions the Rainbow Dash takes on. I suppose it’s a feeling of numbness. Just the other day, I could only save one of my teammates from drowning. I have instructed them to attend swimming lessons, but it was my own weakness that failed such a simple rescue.

I will not stop until I find Hinjur! I will acquire new skills to tract him down. I swear to you, my Queen! I have already started with programming a helper droid. Or as the foreigners call them: a pet. It too was oppressed and brainwashed on its home world. Now it will aid us. Qurzer is proud of PK-4 “UshUsh!” for piloting in the last mission along side Garbol.

Good UshUsh.

As always, your loyal subject. Qurzer.

Ps. Please look out for Inquisitors. They seem to be greatly powerful and mean.