Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode II, Part 2: You really can't escape your past

Callia's journal

This caper of ours into the Tibana Sunset Casino went much smoother than I would have expected…up to a point. Zet and Santos went from the roof, Qurzer and myself took the back way in. We managed to make convincing enough IDs that there was only a little bit of a hiccup getting inside to the security room. Qurzer thinks fast on they’re feet, though. How they managed to so sufficiently jam any com signals with the security room is beyond me. And the fact that we so sufficiently took the guard down with no-one noticing was incredible. We made it through the storage areas, through the kitchen and into security all in one piece.

It’s security where things started to get a bit mucked up. Ingrid had apparently found a job as a night nurse in the casino in the whole cycle since we had seen her last. There was much fast-talking, Qurzer mucking around on a terminal and then I did something I have not done in an incredibly long time. It’s strange how easily using the Force comes back to me. It seemed so ’’’content’’’ when I did it, as well. This was right.

Either way, we managed to convince the guards to let us past and to pull Ingrid with us. Up the elevator we went, all the way to Vorse’s penthouse suite. There we met up with some droids that were quickly demolished and then found a pair of Cathar girls lounging in Vorse’s bed. Strike one against this man. The girls panicked and once again I found myself using the Force to calm them down.

What’s important is we found what Aris was looking for. Some good dirt to one, put her husband in jail and two, get her out of his grasp. Qurzer was still messing around on the terminal in the office when Vorse himself appeared. They must’ve climbed Force knows how many flights of stairs. We did take the elevator out of commission, after all. I tried again to use the Force on him but it appears our dear friend Vorse is Force-sensitive. He recongized it right away and announced it to the room. I can still feel Zet’s eyes boring a hole in the back of my head. There will be many questions from everyone later.

Everything, yet again, went upside down. Thankfully we weren’t killing these beings left, right and center anymore. Zet and I had a fruitful discussion about needless death, perhaps she has figured out why now. Things were not going well for any of us and I’m sure the smuggler pair and shoved more stim packs into each other than I’d like to imagine.

It wasn’t long after Vorse fell that a bounty hunter appeared. We thought she may have been there to help. It seems she was actually there for Zet. Between Santos and myself, somehow we freed Zet of this woman. Santos even managed to push her through a window by connecting her jetpack to a zipline, the zipline to a chair and shoving her away.

Qurzer somehow had the foresight to call a transport to retrieve us, which showed up at the perfect time. Qurzer and Ingrid jumped for it…though I am to believe that Ingrid fell and Qurzer had to jump after her to rescue her. That Selonian is amazing and I am glad they are travelling with us now.

The rest of us boarded the transport, still barely alive and badly burnt between Santos and myself. We returned to Aris, gave her what she needed and then she was kind enough to give us treatment.

Now we’re on a cruiseline headed for the Core. How wonderful, Imperial space. I’m sure my dear Admiral friend would like to have a talk.