Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode III: Seafood and Starships

Santos' Journal

I’m not really sure how to feel about what just happened. I mean, on the one hand, several Mon Calamari lost their lives, but on the other hand I HAVE A NEW SHIP!

I thought it’d be nice to spend some time on a cruise ship. Nice food, a comfortable bed, and a large number of people willing to believe whatever you tell them. It’s remarkable how many people just assume a tall blue man must be Pantoran nobility. The truth is, it got old fast. After you sample everything the buffet has to offer, there is not too much more to do. I tried to get a turn in the cockpit, but apparently the cruise line has a strict no guest policy when flying the thing.

Of course, what happened wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. We ran into Rakine, that Togruta from the Krayt Fang in the dining room, just before the captain announced that Imperial Customs would be boarding. We quickly ran up to our rooms to hide our grenades and Jedi, then headed back to the dining room for an inspection. Rakine, Qerzer, Zet and I lined up in the ‘alien’ line, and were subjected to insult, humiliation, and body search, while Ingrid and the rest of the humans just had their papers checked. After that farce the Imperial Officer declared that a bomb had been found, and that Rakine Bokete was a Rebel. Rakine by that point had slipped into the kitchen to hid (using me as cover… a common theme in my life). An explosion later, and I was on my way up to the cockpit with Ingrid and Qerzer, after the Officer led Zet upstairs. The three of us ended up trapped in my room in a firefight with some storm troopers. Somehow Callia and Zet made their way into the room with an unconscious, armless officer, and I locked myself in the cockpit with 4 Mon Calamari. Meanwhile, Rakine and the others boarded the Imperial ship to plan some bombs, and I waited for the signal to get the hell out of there.

It didn’t work out that way, unfortunately. Storm troopers kept flooding the Corellian Runner, and they managed to break into the cockpit. All four of the Mon Calamari were murdered by the empire, but not before managed to get me and Qerzer out of there. We ended up IN THE BLOODY WALLS, and headed for the Imperial ship. I guess we took a different route, because I didn’t see any sign of the others. What I did see were speeders, and a big, shiny Lambda class shuttle. There were a few Imperial Navy officers in the hangar, so I jumped on a speeder and opened fire.

Zet eventually led the others to the hangar and we flew away as fast as the ship could carry us. Rakine set off a bomb she had planted on the Corellian Runner, leaving it dead in the water, and I picked up a gang of pirates closing in on them. Honestly, That’s not a fate I’d want anyone to endure, so I was glad to hear Trace Stardust report that the Runner and Imperial vessel had managed to repel the pirate attack. Hopefully the passengers can get a refund, or at least a free voyage.