Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode IV: Pro Tip: Buildings Hurt

Santos' Journal

Well that was a nightmare.

Jiroch is a nice enough place, and I hope we never go there again. I managed to get the shuttle down onto the planet without detection, with the help of Qerzer, of course. And that was pretty much the high point of the whole affair. We landed about half a day away from the temple that had been calling us, and we figured a nice little stroll would do us some good. Ingrid stayed with the shuttle, so there was someone looking after my baby. The rest of us set out for a place that we weren’t precisely sure of the location, or appearance, or whether or not it was actually real. So it was a good start. The heat soon became unbearable, although I think the others were affected by it so much that they didn’t even realize how hot it was.

Just about when I was ready for a nice glass of water and a nap, we saw a group of hunters who had decided that we’d make fine prey. They seemed pretty messed up, at the time we thought drugged, so Callia suggested they go shoot at some trees. Humans are weird. I hopped in one of their landspeeders, and the rest of the group followed. As we were driving off I think I saw some smoke in the distance.

We eventually found the temple grounds. They were a bit over grown, but still intact. I parked the speeder in a cave that turned out to be full of weird cat-like creatures. They seemed to be affected by something, similar to the hunters, and it was more and more apparent that they weren’t drugged.

In the temple we were greeted by this creepy old man going on about some pilgrimage and a master. He cackled far too much as we made our way into the main temple chamber. The temple was pretty much what you’d expect an ancient jedi temple to be. Boring. I found a cool little jedi toy, but there wasn’t much of value. And then, spiders. 5 of them. Big, nasty things that land on you and bite you with their big, nasty teeth. On top of the, this sith ghost appears and starts terrifying each of us. We manage to kill all but one of the spiders, and Callia straight out attacks the ghost (probably not the most rational thing she’s done). And then a pillar attacks me and I’m out for the count.

I wake up and the ghost is actually a Twi’lek jedi named Sora, who used to be friends with Callia. Callia was holding this creepy mask, and seemed to be fighting to avoid putting it on. Naturally, I effortlessly flung the mask at the wall using my incredibly powerful mind, and eventually shot it into several pieces.

Sora went on a rampage, nearly killing Zet. I feel like I could have gone full dark at that moment, as I’ve never wanted to kill anyone more than I wanted to kill Sora at that moment. Nobody hurts Zet. Except Zet, of course, who gleefully set off a stun grenade as Sora held her by her throat. The blast knocked Zet out and shook up Sora. Sora eventually threw Zet at me. I caught her and ran further down into the temple to get her away from danger. I found an altar in the middle of the room, and felt the need to place Zet on it. It did nothing for her, but to me it revealed what turned out to be an ancient holocron. Naturally I took the holocron as well as the crystals lining the chamber.

I really don’t know what happened to Sora, but Callia was broken in pretty much every conceivable way. Rakine invited her Rebel friends to the party, and they showed up just in time to steal my ship. They were going to leave us marooned on Jiroch, but Rakine talked them into dropping us off on Corellia. They could have at least paid me for the ship.