Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode IX: On second thought, let's not go there.

Santos' Journal

Any chance I can just go back in time and redo one or two things? That’s how the Force works, right?

Don‘t get me wrong, we won, we saved the day. GARBOL has some badass programing, and Medusa was great with a gun, but not so much with her mouth. Zet’s safe and sound with us again. Well, most of her. I wonder if she wants us to go after her eye. There are just a few added complications to my life now:

1. Medusa knows about me. It wasn’t my fault either. Sure she was an ally this time, but she’s a mercenary. Who knows who she’ll be working for next time we meet.

2. The Black Suns know about me. Ok, this one was my fault. It probably wasn’t the best idea to jump carelessly into melee combat with their leader, lightsaber humming. That may not have been avoidable, but it’s definitely not good. They won’t hesitate to sell me to the empire if they get the chance. On a related note…

3. I may have killed Nyssa in a hate-fueled rage. That was definitely a bad idea. I don’t know how I managed not to completely lose myself to the darkside, but that’s a small blessing. The lesson here, for everyone else, is don’t fuck with Zet. I don’t like it, and don’t really have great impulse control.

I’m sure that’ll all work itself out.

We did have a plan going this time, something kinda new for us. And it actually worked, despite Medusa’s inability to say words well. Callia gets a gold star! It was immediately clear to Nyssa, and hell, even to the grunt we talked to first, that this was all bullshit, but she committed to the role! And somehow, against all logic, Nyssa sent her exactly where we wanted her to be. Medusa, Garbol and I had to climb down the side of the building to a secondary entrance. Well, Medusa and I climbed down. Garbol just tumbled. Again, it miraculously was exactly what needed to happen, as it ended up shutting down the entire building, aside from the lifts. We made it back to the Dash with everyone alive and fighting. Of course there were some angry minions waiting for us, or they would be waiting for us if Garbol’s droid army wasn’t keeping them occupied. Nyssa was there too, until I threw her off the building. Again, probably a mistake.