Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode VIII part 1: Everything is Awesome!

Santos' Journal

Things could not have gone better!

As predicted, Teemo made some last minute changes to the terms of our agreement. Suddenly 50 000 credits wasn’t quite enough, so he added a few errands. Effectively, he sends us on whatever busy work he wants, but we still get paid, so whatever. Right off the bat he sent us to a mine he’d acquired in the Barab system, and kindly pawned off an eccentric repair droid on us at the same time.

Barab III is a shit hole. No real atmosphere to speak of, and a dead Trandoshan in the washroom. Ok, so the Trandoshan probably wasn’t always dead or in the washroom, so we had a mystery on our hands. But first, we had to collect 100 000 credits for Teemo, which would have proved difficult since the mine only had 95 000 credits on the books. Turns out the books lied as Zet found a safe with a cool 165 000 in it. Seems like the mine Overlord was pocketing the difference.

With that mystery solved we had to address the fact that the shield generators protecting the mine from destruction due to some kind of space storm. Zet, Garbol and I jumped into a conveniently placed freighter, occupied by a few conveniently placed crates of weapons and one inconveniently placed dead Sullustan, and set out to save the day. The generators seemed like they were being systematically destroyed, so I brilliantly headed straight for the next most logical target, and we were able to intercept a vehicle intent on bringing down one of the two functioning generators. Zet took control of the weapon system, and immediately annihilated the vehicle, because she’s awesome. Unfortunately, the wreckage still managed to damage the generator, and Garbol had to repair it. I guess it was fortunate for it, robot seems to get off on fixing things for some reason. Must be a programming flaw.

We headed back to the mining facilities and were soon greeted by a host of rebellious droids. Zet scurried off into the ventilation system as Zets do, and I felt the need to dig up pretty crystals in the sand. When I finished playing archeologist, I went back to the Rainbow Dash and opened fire on the droids exiting the building. All the fleshy people made it on to the ship, including the surviving mine workers, and we set off, back to Nar Shaddaa and glory.