Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode IX: Reunion

zet's ic journal

Here are the things that happened:

On Nar Shaddaa, that bounty hunter (now I know she goes by Shard) caught up with us, nearly blew Santos and I away, threw me off a ledge hundreds of feet in the air, and then took me straight to the Black Suns.

Between her and the Suns I lost every credit to my name and nearly everything I own.

The cartel locked me up in a room alone with hardly any food or water for a period of time I still can’t account for. Then a vigo took my eye out.

None of that makes sense, and sometimes when I’m asleep I forget that I’m back on the Dash with Santos sleeping in the top bunk again, and I wake up and feel cold and alone until I remember.

My crew, my friends, came to get me. We fought our way off the top of some kind of insane tower on an ice planet, and in the end Santos threw Nyssa off the edge and probably killed her. He has a lightsaber now. I’m worried about him. I think it’s good that we’re together. He’s freaked out that he might fall and hurt me, and maybe that’ll keep him on the light side. I’m freaked out about basically everything, but now I can just look out for him (haha…) instead of having nothing to think about but myself and how hurt and scared I am.

I’m glad to be home. I’m never going to say that I hope things get back to normal ever again. It’s getting to be more and more obvious that they won’t. If this level of insanity is the new normal for us, maybe I just need to get right with it… and practice firing a blaster with one good eye.