Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode V: Fifteen Minutes

Santos' Journal

Finally, a night out on Corellia! That hotel room was starting to wear thing, and even sneaking out on to the roof to play jedi warrior was getting old. The bar itself was nothing spectacular, but Catrinna’s private room completely made up for it. A few rounds of Sabac saw Zet and I get heavily in debt to Catrinna, but also opened up an opportunity to sell those imperial speeders, so that’s sort of a win.

The debt didn’t really matter anyway. Catrinna simply asked us to do a simple job that needed us to borrow the ship of an associate of hers. Easy, right? Well, this acquaintance didn’t exactly know we were coming, and he happened to be aboard the transport of one of the executives of the Corellian Engineering Corporation. We needed a solid plan to get onto that ship.

So gussied myself up in my old EDF uniform and had Zet pretend to be my spokesperson while Callia played my personal aide. Rikkard Bel was completely willing to believe that the Chiss Ascendancy was finally ready to sign a contract with the CEC, and we were completely willing to take advantage of him. Callia went off to fix me a drink with Bel’s servants, and was able get a sense of what he was involved in, and where we needed to be to get to that ship. Once Bel left the office we made our way down to the hangar and met Pablum. Or Palob. It’s a hard name. Anyway, he made the mistake of inviting Zet and Callia on to his piece of just, the ‘Void Crow’ and a few minutes later he was unconscious and in a box. Probably not what he was hoping for.

We disembark just as the CEC ship went into hyperspace, and we rendezvoused with an affluent Draal, who sent us on the Correllian Shuffle. Fame was the prize, and we were not going to let it slip away. It was going pretty smoothly until the glitterstim. Apparently Jedi are against that sort of thing. As a rule, Zet and I are too, but rules are meant to be broken. Callia didn’t try to stop us, but we all decided it would be best for her not to participate. Palob was more than willing to help out though. The chance to claim the fame of the Corellian Shuffle apparently trumped any hard feelings he had being stuffed into a box. With his help we easily completed the run, with no more hiccups. Ok, so Kath Scarlet and her pirates were a bit of a hiccup, as was Zet’s cringe-worthy attempt at docking with another ship, but we came out on top, and still managed to break records. We got the money and the fame, and actually gave Palob his ship back. He even gave us a ride to Selonia where he was scheduled to meet with my old friend, Nossk. I can’t even express how much I’m looking forward to getting even with that lizard, although I guess that’s not the greatest idea right now, if I want to avoid becoming a monster myself. That Palob guy though, I hope we see more of him. He’s good people.