Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode VI: Starships Are Not Melee Weapons

Santos' Journal

Shit! Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!

This nightmare began with some boring journey through some tunnels on Selonia. Truthfully, I wasn’t paying much attention to what was happening. Who in their right minds builds a city underground? Not the best vacation spot for most people.

Anyway, I was distracted I guess by what I was learning from the holocron. I felt like I was reaching some kind of break through. I snapped out of it just in time to see a large, angry worm burrowing its way through the tunnel system, seemingly looking to dine on raw twi’lek. I guess that’s a delicacy among large, angry worms. It doesn’t get its meal though, and the team follows me down through an underground pond into a submerged tunnel, giving us access to oxygen again. Callia seemed to be hiding underwater a bit too long though, by the time we were safe her lungs were filled with water. I was able to draw the water out with the Force, and allowed it to dance in the air for a bit before dropping it on her face. That woke her up.

Qurzer led us to their Queen, who was pretty obviously under the control of some devious sort of Otter. It was clear to me that this Selonian, Hinger, was using the Force to do something to the Queen.

Selonia is a very strange place. Everyone goes on and on about Protocol, and judging by how Qurzer was interacting with everyone, Protocol is constantly changing! So it turned out that the CEC was sorta involved in the subjugation of the Selonian people, so Qurzer started a civil war. Remind me never to get on their bad side. We all escaped to the ring orbiting the planet, where we had planned to disrupt whatever was jamming communications on the surface. There, we ran into our old friend the Executive. He’s not in the custody of the Rebellion. Hope they put that little gift to good use.

Oh, yeah, and Nossk. We went to Selonia looking for Nossk, but we didn’t want him to find us first. He had rigged the hangar with bombs, attached one to Palob and somehow got one on Qurzer. Nossk was all to happy to set off the one attached to Palob, and destroy one of the hangars, but that gave time for Qurzer to board the ship he was about to take off in. Naturally I saved Qurzer’s life by pulling the glass shield off of the cockpit, making it impossible for Nossk to escape into space. He adapted though, driving the ship into Zet. He then ran through the hole in the cockpit. I wanted to go after him, but Zet was just hit with a FRACKING SPACESHIP. I needed to know that she would survive, and he got away. Next time he won’t.