Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode VII: Heading Home

zet's journal

We’re so richhhh I almost can’t even bemad at Gorn for not telling us he was sending us to an intir inturde empire ship or warning us hiss sidekick was gonna run off and hack computers and get us in trouble. We sold a bunch of Jedi stuff to the admiral whose been blackmailing Callia and he gloated about having her old master’s lightsaber which we’re gonna steal back for her. We got 75 thousand credits! Then we helped Cassie hack into some computers and shot a bunch of stormtroopers to get back onto the Void Crow. While there was no gravity. Santos crashed a tie fighter.

We’ll be home soon!!! I haven’t seen my parentsin months and wee can pay off the Hutts and get our ship back and be home everywhere we go!!!! Also people don’t treat nonhumans so bad in the outer rim. i’m glad santos always has whiskey for some reason.