Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode VII: Payload

Santos' Journal

We’re on our way back to Nar Shaddaa now. Back to my baby.

So about a week ago we took the Void Crow to Duro, to see an old contact by the name of Gorn. He gave us the location of an interested party for the items we collected from the temple at Jiroch. After getting the OK from Callia to sell pieces of her heritage, we headed out with Gorn’s assistant or associate or something, Cassiopeia Wong, to the specified coordinates.

Unfortunately, those coordinates led directly to an Imperial Interdictor. Even more unfortunately, it was commanded by the same Admiral who contacted Callia on Tatooine. Callia filled Zet and I in on this- he knows what she is, and has been blackmailing her. He wants her to do something, but she ran before being told what that is.

So everything seems to be going well once the Void Crow is tractor-beamed and pulled onto the Imperial ship. We were led to the Admiral, and started bargaining. For a while it looked like Callia was going to get away unrecognized, but no. The Admiral seemed to have recognized her immediately, even though we gave her a kickass makeover. We ended up selling the pieces for more than enough to buy our ship, and make sure the rest of the crew gets some pay. We almost got off the ship without issue, until Cassiopeia started wandering around in places she shouldn’t have. Apparently Gorn’s daughter got in with the Rebellion, and was being held by the Empire. He sent Cassiopeia with us not to facilitate negotiations, but to hack into the ship’s computers and uncover her location, as well as the location of an Imperial fleet for a prospective buyer.

Cassiopeia, Qurzer and Callia worked on getting that information, while Zet and I hid in a closet. I’m still not entirely sure why that was necessary. Anyway, the Admiral obviously noticed that we didn’t go straight back to the Void Crow, and set up a few units of Stormtroopers in the hangar to surprise us when we attempted to leave. Stupid man. Qurzer and Cassiopeia managed to disable the tractor beam and hyperdrive disruptor thingy, while Zet and Callia started taking out the storm troopers. Naturally I jumped into one of the Tie Fighters sharing a hangar with the Crow, and started doing as much damage as possible. At one point, a Stormtrooper with an orange shoulder pad engaged Callia, and ended up hugging her with a frag grenade. Somehow I knew that would happen days before it actually did. Maybe I should follow up with her about that.

Qurzer and Cassiopeia made it back to the hangar, and Qurzer decided just to go ahead and open up the launch doors, shutting off the artificial gravity in the room. Every had to race to get into the Crow while the remaining Imperial troops floated helplessly about. I managed to put the tie fighter on a collision course with the side of the hangar before falling out of the fighter, right into the top hatch of the Crow. We took off just before impact, and hit the hyperdrive just as we were exiting the Interdictor.

All in all, not a bad showing. We have the money we need for the Rainbow Dash’s repairs, and now we have two lucrative pieces of information for select clients. Cassiopeia is staying with us until we get to Nar Shaddaa and can secure her passage back to Duro- without the information she was sent to collect. Gorn can have it, for the right fee. That’s not important right now though. Zet’s going to set up a meeting with the Hutts to complete the transaction, and we’ll be home at last. Nothing could possibly go wrong.