Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode VIII: New employment

zet's journal

I always forget how much I love Nar Shaddaa until I touch down there. It’s a dangerous, dirty place to live, but it’s home. Santos and I even had time to stop in and see my parents before Teemo would grant us an audience, and misha was really happy to hear that we’ll be sticking around in Hutt space for a while. Plus, we got to pick up Lirj.

Teemo was his typical charming self. He tried to insist that 50 thousand credits wasn’t our original agreement, and then informed us that we had to do some work for him just to begin paying off our debt. Which, whatever… it was all worth it when we walked into the hangar bay to see the Rainbow Dash in all her glory again. We got saddled with this weird droid too, who promptly broke one of my blasters to fix the one that was all dinged up after our foray into close combat with Stormtroopers. Ugh.

We were sent to the Barab system, to check on some old mine for Teemo. In my opinion he should’ve sent someone out BEFORE he bought the place. It was falling apart and the droids there were having some kind of political uprising. The shields holding the atmospheric storm at bay were being slowly turned off. I’m not really sure what Callia and Qurzer got themselves into inside the factory, but Santos, the droid and I took off to keep the shields from failing and I blew some stuff up because I’m the best. We had a brief firefight right in front of the Dash as well, but all things considered this was one of the least disastrous adventures we’ve been on since forming up this crew. The droid even redeemed itself by bringing a shield generator back online.

We’re gonna make out like bandits. Teemo wanted 100,000 credits, and I found a safe with 165,000 inside. The books say the mine only had 95,000. Even after paying off the surviving workers to make sure they can get back to their families, we’re all getting a huge payout from this one. And now we can make out like we chipped in 5,000 to meet the demands Teemo made as an act of good faith. After that the sky’s the limit now that we have the Dash back again.