Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode X: Frosh Week

Santos' Journal

So after our daring and completely successful rescue of Zet, we decided it’d be best to stay away from criminal organizations for a while, just to help keep me from becoming the next dark lord of the sith.

We got word that there was something of interest in a university, so we made our way there, and Qurzer easily forged some IDs for us claiming we were professors. Not a stretch for Callia or me, but the rest for the rest of the group, especially the droid, maybe a bit of a stretch.

We get through our orientation to the university and promptly bomb the entrance exam. Luckily our expert hacker Selonian cleaned up the results, and we were given free access to the school, and to our contact, Ashur Stungazer. Ashur led us to a room full of relics, one of which was of particular interest to Callia. Zet, the good friend that she is, naturally stole it for her, and we raced out of the university and off the planet before they could complete a lockdown.

The amulet led us to an ancient temple drifting in space, near the centre of the galaxy. Super creepy, and half of it was scarred with combat damage, and exposed to space, but we managed to board the vessel, and explore some. Then, we met the basilisk. There just happened to be a funtional mandalorian war droid hanging out, naturally. It looked like we’d be quickly killed by the droid, until I activated the on board EMP, which disabled it enough for the others to take it down. It’s on the Rainbow Dash right now. Thanks, GARBOL. The basilisk did nearly kill me before it was taken care of, but that seems to be a recurring theme lately.

With that done, Callia leads the way to what appeared to be a meditation or training room, where she found a holocron. Ashur nearly wet himself with excitement over all the relics we were able to retrieve. Zet negotiated for each of us to have first choice of relics before he turned the rest over to some institute or another.

So here we are, riding off into the sunset with a ship full of treasures, and a murderous war droid that will likely be the end of us all.