Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode X: I don't test well

zet's journal

Before falling in with Callia, I honestly didn’t spend much time unearthing old stuff to sell it. Smuggling and grave robbing are overlapping but different areas of expertise. I’m really starting to see the potential payoff now, not that it makes her very happy…

Gorn tipped us off to some job in a university on Eriadu, so we went there, pretended to be prospective students and were promptly assaulted with an eight hour orientation and a barrage of tests, which I failed. I’ve never spent a day in school in my life. Qurzer had our backs though.

Then we were able to meet with Gorn’s scholar contact, Ashur Sungazer. This guy was obsessed with Jedi. I think once he spends some more time up close and personal with them, the novelty will really wear off. Everyone good at that kind of thing (basically everyone else) spent some time looking up information on this lost Jedi ship until they concluded we needed to head into the Deep Core to find it. At Callia’s request (!) I straight-up stole a precious Jedi talisman from the archives and then we had to hightail it out of there before the authorities could catch us.

Santos and GARBOL got us into the Deep Core without too much trouble, where we were able to locate the starship in decaying orbit around a sun. The thing was practically falling apart, and as we explored further we found a fully functional Basilisk war droid left over from the Mandalorian Wars. (See, I did learn something in university.) Santos ended up having to let off an EMP to mess the thing up, and as a team we managed to deactivate it. Then GARBOL kept it. That droid is beyond weird.

Deeper in the ship, we found some kind of weird old Jedi room, where Callia managed to pick up another one of those holocron things. Meanwhile, I made Ashur promise that each of us gets to keep one relic from the starship after he’s done cataloging them, so that’s gonna pay off huge. We don’t do charity work for nerds.

It was really good to have the whole crew back together again though. The pain in my head is fading, even if the dreams aren’t. I’m still broke, but once I get my hands on some credits again I want to start thinking about something cybernetic.