Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode XI: In Which I win a race, and lose a leg

Santos' Journal

We finally got around to dropping of the box of Paleb to Sundance. Turns out she and her uncle, Joran Raider had been waiting for him for quite some time so that he could deliver a luxury blaster, custom made by Raider. Since we were vaguely and indirectly responsible for Paleb’s early departure from this world, we felt obligated to complete his last job, at the fee he had negotiated (for future reference, we need to multiply that fee by at least the number of crew members currently on board.)

Turns out the delivery was to a retired military officer, who lived on the Imperial Centre. That’s the best place for a force-sensitive Chiss to go right? I knew I’d fit right in! The actual delivery went off without a hitch. That is, until the man got himself murdered, and his new toy stolen. Police quickly came and blamed us for the entire thing, but Zet and Qurzer convinced them to let us investigate to find the actual murderer. They gave us 24 hours.

Earlier, we noticed an emblem on a lighter that belonged to a local gang, the Black Seraphs. They were congregating for a street racing event, which I was fortunate enough to join. The race was ridiculously dangerous, with every leg designed to kill. I mean, it was probably very dangerous for everyone else, but I had Qurzer feeding me information through our comms. I was kinda bored. With the passage of each leg of the race fewer and fewer racers remained, until at the last leg, a straightaway to the finish, my only competition was a hotshot named Sunny. She drew her blaster and opened fire at me, so I made the weapon fall out of her hand, took the lead and won the whole thing.

After crossing the finish line, I ended up running into Zet, Qurzer and Sundance in a fight with some Black Seraph thugs, so naturally I joined in. One of them didn’t seem to like that much, and cut my leg open with a vibroblade. Not cool! I think I’ll be limping for a very long time, but at least I won a huge pot of credits for my troubles.