Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode XI: Making amends

zet's journal

It feels like a lot has happened since Palob died. Maybe we should’ve just taken the Void Crow and his remains directly to this daughter. But at the time we didn’t have the credits to get the Dash back from Teemo and we had no other way to get around, so we put it off. Then Shard and the Black Suns happened, and we went off on that detour with Ashur…

But we couldn’t put this off forever. The Rebels asked to borrow Callia for something and she accepted, so in the meantime, Santos, Qurzer, and I went to meet Palob’s daughter Sundance. The Void Crow had the location of a cantina she owns on Nubia so we figured that was our best bet. It wasn’t the nicest hole in the wall which meant it was my kind of place. We didn’t have any trouble getting in to see her, either.

I just kept thinking, you know, what would I do or think or feel if someone showed up one day and told me that one or both of my parents was dead? How do you break that to somebody? We did the best we could, and we told her we’d make whatever arrangements she needed to get the Void Crow back from Nar Shaddaa.

Her uncle was there too. Things got interesting as soon as he introduced himself. Joran Raider, formerly of BlasTech Industries. I’d never seen one of his custom blasters up close before. It turns out Palob had been delivering his blasters for him ever since he left BlasTech, and he still had one unfinished job. We agreed right away that we’d handle it for whatever his typical fee was. (Santos later reminded me to always get the ACTUAL number before the job. It’s not like I forgot. I just felt bad for this family.)

Of course, then we found out we were making a run to Coruscant of all places. And we couldn’t get off Nubia without getting into a fight with someone. I don’t know what’s up with the security droids on that planet, but they accused us of holding some kind of stolen information and then a ronto got free, a fight broke out, we blew up some droids and then stole a police landspeeder. All in a day’s work.

Sundance tagged along for the trip, which started out altogether too easy. No trouble getting into Coruscant, no trouble getting into this fancy admiral’s house, no trouble making the delivery and getting our meager payment. But as soon as we left the guy’s office we heard blaster fire, and went back in to find him dead. Coruscant is one of the last planets I want to be found next to some famous dead war hero. Unfortunately the authorities arrived too quickly for us to make an escape, and we all realized that the admiral’s Raider Arms blaster had been stolen. The police were ready to take us in to jail right away, but Qurzer and I convinced them to let us hunt for the real killer.

Honestly I was ready to skip out on that as soon as they let us go, but Sundance insisted that we needed to make sure that the blaster went back to Joran if the buyer wasn’t going to have it. We’d found a Black Seraph lighter in the room, so we figured there was nowhere better to start looking than the haunts of a seedy swoop gang.

We found our way to one of their makeshift death traps and talked our way in as potential racers. Santos took the swoop down to the track while Qurzer, Sundance, and I headed up into the manager’s box. Honestly, when Santos gets into stuff like this I can hardly stand to watch, even though I know he’s basically the best pilot ever. Qurzer kept an eye on the race and fed him information over the commlink while I took a look at the other patrons. Lo and behold, who did I spot but a Devorian I’d seen at the dead admiral’s party. After narrowly avoiding a shootout with the bartender (???) we had a little talk, and I convinced him to work with me to at least help clear our names. He lead me outside to show me where they were keeping the blaster, and Sundance followed at a distance.

It’s a good thing she did because the first thing this shuuta did was stuff me in a box. I heard blaster fire and then Sundance pulled me right back out of it. I have no idea if that Devorian is alive or dead. In the meantime, Santos was winning us a cool 59,000 credits in the swoop race. He showed up just as a bunch of Black Seraphs walked into the alley looking to start a fight. It was over fast, but not before their head mechanic got Santos in the leg with a vibroknife. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a stab wound that awful.

One of the other racers showed up to try to bully us into giving up our money, but Qurzer and I must have looked a little crazy by then so we managed to scare her off. We got back to the police, turned in the Devorian, and got the hell out of dodge.

We’re en route to Nar Shaddaa now, taking Sundance back to her father’s ship. I’ve got enough now to look into cybernetic eyes while we’re there. Then we need to touch base with Callia to find out where we need to go to pick her up, and then who knows?