Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode XII: So I met an Inquisitor. He seems lovely.

santos' journal

After a lovely few weeks in a Rebel infirmary on Arda II, GARBOL was ultimately the one who actually patched up my leg. It’s no longer all puffy and split open like a sausage left too long on the heat element. Nebula didn’t take long to take advantage of my recovery as he sent me off to cover someone’s planetary patrol, as payment for the use of his medical facilities, and (inept) professionals. Truthfully, I didn’t mind that much, since the rest of the crew were making plans to destroy some fancy planet killer or something. I wasn’t really paying attention after Nebula said we’d be paid.

While on patrol I discovered a discus, flashing with red and blue lights. I couldn’t figure out what exactly it was, but it certainly didn’t match the tech used by the rebels, so naturally I threw it into my sandspeeder and continued the tour.

My last stop on the patrol ended up being pretty exciting. I encountered a probe droid, the model of which was known to be used by the empire. I decided the best course of action was to destroy the thing, so I threw the discus at it. I missed completely, a fact I’m blaming on the sandstorm if anyone asks, but it loosened a rock that stuck the droid, which then blew up. I informed the base, and then promptly freaked out at the sight of an Imperial Star Destroyer breaching the atmosphere.

I immediately raced back to the base, which had sounded the alarm for evacuation. As I headed into a narrow chasm I found myself chased by a number of tie fighters. It was a blast out maneuvering the ties, watching them get damaged and blow up one by one. I made my way through the chasm just as Zet, GARBOL and Callia blew a few charges causing the chasm to cave in, blocking off one point of access to the base. I warned them of in coming AT-AT walkers as I continued to the base.

As I reached the base I could see it swarming with sandtroopers, and small skirmishes were taking place throughout. I jumped out of my sandspeeder, onto the roof of the base, and kinda rolled down into the open-air hanger. My plan was to get to the Rainbow Dash and prepare for an immediate evac once the party was back together. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice a Lambda shuttle approach. Standing on the loading ramp of the Dash, I felt a disturbing presence. Turning around I found my self staring into the mask of an Inquisitor. The Inquisitor was clearly there for Callia, but he was surely delighted to find me there too. After letting my friends know what was going on, and letting them know how much they meant to me if things went south, our lightsabers went up, and the bastard threw a metal container at me! Being the childish hero I am, I returned the sentiment by using the force to tug at his cape (never wear capes!), causing him to stumble back before we met in melee.

Pro Tip: Never get into melee combat wit an Inquisitor. He immediately struck a critical blow on me, and likely would have made short work of me if Callia hadn’t showed up when she did. Even with the two of us he held his own, and it took Zet blowing up his ally, and GARBOL’s drive by stims to break free of him. We all quickly raced towards the Dash and were able to escape just in time to see the entire base blow up. Courtesy of Rakine, no doubt. At least we can all rest peacefully, know that the Inquisitor surely couldn’t survive the blast.