Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Vignette: Familiar Surroundings


Another dream of another place. It’s comforting and familiar, the warm sun filtering in through a large window while she sat in lotus position upon the smooth floor. There was the sound of running water from the refresher, then a door opening and closing. Delicate smells of clean soap and earthy tea filled the small living space. She lost herself in the nostalgic pangs of this life, of being young and ambitious once more.

“You still have so much to learn,” Her master had always told her. There was truth to that. Even now she felt the ignorance of her youth creeping up on her once more. She has spent so much time being afraid since Jiroch. It’s one thing to decide to return to a long-winding path, it’s another entirely to truly acknowledge and accept all that it means.

“I do have so much to learn still, Master,” Callia opens her eyes, staring at the woman who mentored her and raised her for so long. To see this place again, to look up into those familiar, smiling eyes was almost too much to bear. She blinkes rapidly. “So much. How do I continue on my own.”

“Callia, my child,” She replies as she sits down before her. Her smile has grown soft and gentle and she places a hand on her student’s shoulder. It’s warm, warmer and more full of life than she remembers. “You will continue. It will be a hard path, you knew that going in. The moment you decided to build the blade once more, you knew. Our brethren may be lost for now and the galaxy may seem in despair, but there is always hope.” She squeezes the girl’s shoulder. “You are one of a few who represent that.”

Callia swallows hard, feeling every bit the eighteen-year-old who abandoned her Master on Felucia so long ago. She’s lost and scared, feeling helpless and alone. “I watched the birth of a rebellion today.” She says. “Is this what the future of the galaxy holds? So much death and destruction.” Her Master chuckles softly while she voices her anxieties.

“You, my Padawan, know very well the history of the galaxy. Peace and balance can be brought about once more but it takes time. We cannot condemn the actions of those who wish to end years of tyranny and oppression.”

“I know Master, but—”

“There are no buts, Callia. Not anymore. The Order collapsed for many reasons. We were destroyed by more than just our own troops. We were destroyed by our ignorance and complacency. Act to the best of your judgement. Help those who cannot help themselves. Uphold the Jedi principles, of course, but do not begrudge those who don’t have the luxury of still having principles and morals.” She takes a deep breath. “Fight for those ones. Fight hard so they do not have to.”

She takes a deep breath and slowly releases it. “First, I need to be stronger. Mentally.”

Another chuckle. “Of course, child. And watch out for those you travel with. The time will come when your fight will change. In the meantime, prepare for that day.”

“I will.”

“No more being frightened of yourself or what the galaxy can do to you.”

“Of course, Master.”

“And you will let yourself live and feel and grow as not only a Jedi, but as a living being?”

Callia laughs. “I will try.”

“Good. Remember, whatever happens is the will of the Force. Allow it to guide you to where you need to be.”

“I will.”

“Good girl. Now, my Padawan, it’s time to open your eyes.”