Star Wars: Edge of the Empire


Selonia in Rubble

Qurzer is very angry. Anger is the best emotion to get things done. The other options were despair and confusion. What had happened on Selonia?! They had been so proud to show off their culture and the first impression the group got was tickets! No one needs tickets to board Qurzer’s proud home. It seemed every thing was backwards. The details are too horrific to go into.

Brainwashing could be the only cause. The useful crew had reasonable intuition and many good suggestions. Using their ultra hacker skills Qurzer sent out a mass message to their race, “RISE UP!” Qurzer was ready to fight for death was the only alternate choice. No Selonian should live like what they’d seen below. It must have been a good message because their was indeed an uproar as the protagonists exited to the belt.

An old enemy appeared. There was no time for thinking, only beating bodies bloody. Unfortunately the team also suffered trauma. Nossk seemed to have answers to the atrocity the Selonian people were made to suffer. There will be a reunion. Until then Qurzer’s mind needs to stay focused for one could not make things right on their own. The sisters would be notified in the outer rim.

Rakine seemed to rejoin her old group. Most likely to stock up on more bombs. She will make a good allie in future. Good things that happened: Callia’s sight is restored. Excellent, there is much training to do.