Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Terrorism in paradise! The leisure cruise liner, The Corellian Runner was the target of attack by a terrorist bomber while en route to the resort world of Kaal. The bomber’s agenda seemed to be linked to the growing insurgency movement.

While no official credit has been taken by the rebel terrorist group, a spokesperson with the Imperial office assures us that sufficient evidence exists to link this horrific attack on innocent galactic citizens to the anti-government criminals in the rebellion.

Thanks to the efforts of an Major Katryn Organa leading an Imperial Customs vessel on patrol in the area at the time of the bombing, the passenger ship and its guests were saved from the bombing and the threat of attack of opportunity by Mugaari Pirates who frequent the region.

Rear Admiral Genarus Thorn, commander of the patrol fleet involved in the rescue, had this to say, “It is important to remain stalwart in the face of such barbarism. Remain vigilant and report suspicious individuals to your nearest Imperial Garrison office. We do what we must for safe, secure society.”

Despite assurances that the Corellian Trade Spire remains a safe hyperspace lane for passenger ships, citizens of nearby systems remain concerned amidst rumors that the terrorist group may have included a Jedi.

With the Galactic News Network, I’m Trace Stardust.