Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Galactic News Bulletin - Unrest on Selonia!

Correspondent Trace Stardust

We are beginning to get reports of civilian unrest on the ocean world of Selonia.
It is not yet clear what sparked the violent uprising. However, we do know that recent changes in the organizational structure of the Selonian government and their new contract with Corellian Engineering Corporation had mixed reviews among Selonian engineers working aboard the ship yards.

CEC authorities are attempting to get the situation under control but for their safety, many have retreated to the shipyards. As it stands right now, we can only tell you that the few access points to the Selonian dens are barricaded by the Selonians.

Stay tuned for coverage as it happens.

En route to Selonia, I’m Trace Stardust with the Galactic News Network.