Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode VIII

Log Entry 120085

Met some new humanoids this cycle. The interaction went well but I was unable to repair the damaged gun of the one designated Zet. She seems to not want to allow me to repair other things. I am not concerned since there are always other items to repair.

The others did not provide me with their designation. This does not trouble me since maybe they do not have a designation like me. I hope that they might provide me with a designation after finding out that I do not have one but they simply asked about me default designation. The one designated Qurzer was inquiring about my designation but did not give me one.

I went with them on their journey and we had to navigate the hyperspace lanes. I was able to assist the one who’s designation I learned was Santos. We successfully managed to navigate to the desired star system. On the journey I was able to repair the gun I was not able to fix during my first encounter with Zet. She seemed to like the fact that I gave her a functioning gun. I was glad to be able to fix something since it had been several hours since I attempted a repair and I was not able to fix it then.

We arrived at a mining facility and could not contact the facility in any way. After we landed I had to fix the doors to allow us to enter. This was especially good since I had not repaired anything earlier that day. After we got in I was able to do some minor repairs of blaster fire scorch marks. There was a little bit of blood but that is more cleaning and not repair so I left it alone.

The rest of the crew proceeded to look through the remaining rooms and take any valuables. I was able to repair the vid screen of one of the entertainment machines, it was a good feeling.

We reached the administrators office. There was a restraining bolt in a droid there that I removed. We waited till he restarted and I helped Qurzer hack into the computer. It showed me that there were several shield generators that had failed and needed to be repaired. I was excited by the opportunity.

After we had questioned the droid about the facility it appeared that he did not know much about what had been going on. We moved on and found that there was another ship docked so we decided to investigate.

The ship was empty save for the corpse of the original captain. The logs were wiped so we did not know where the freighter came from. It was otherwise in good shape which was disappointing since I could not repair an undamaged ship. We move out to the damaged storm shield generators but altered course since they seemed to be failing one by one. I was not sure if we were trying to do preventative maintenance or something else but we altered course to the undamaged generator and found a cloud car approaching it. Zet though it would be a good idea to blast it and took the cloud car out. I was very glad she did because the cloud car then impacted to shield generator and broke it. I was able to get to the generator. I made the repair simple by harvesting some spare components from the freighters shield systems.

We returned to the mining facility after that. I stayed in the freighter and hovered while the rest of the crew went to save the miners. They kept talking about the other droids in the facility and saying that they were fighting the miners and the crew. I saw one of the loader droid approach the YT-1300 and thought that I should help so I blasted it with the freighters guns. After that we quickly disabled the other droid in the way and left with the remaining miners who were alive.

We did take the freighter with us since the captain is now dead and does not need it nor the several crates of weapons on it. I had to pilot it back to Nar Shaddaa so I did not have to opportunity to repair during that time.

Once we made it back to Teemo the Hut’s palace the party told him that his mine was in ruins. I hope I get the chance to go back since there are many things that need repairing at the mine. He let us go and we left to head back to the ship.

We were attacked on our way to the ship. There was a bounty hunter that appeared and captured Zet. I tried to shoot the line securing Zet to the bounty hunter and broke the connection but then she was pushed off the ledge by some combat droids and the bounty hunter flew off with her. There was sadly no damage to the ship and I did not get to repair anything.