Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Roleplay log: Callia asks Zet to be less murdery

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(OOC – we wrote this assuming it immediately followed our second session of play)

It’s a short scamper through some back alleys to find a rundown hotel where the party can set up for the short term. All they can get for the night at this evening hour is a pair of cramped, adjoining rooms. Zet, making an offhand joke about not needing to room with a boy for once, immediately claims the second one for herself and Callia.

The Twi’lek was likely friendly, if not especially open about her history, with the human while they were travelling. But she’s been particularly tense ever since leaving Aris’ safehouse. Their room is tiny — there’s hardly space for one person to walk between the pair of single beds in here, and the mattresses aren’t exactly comfortable, but at least it’s a room.

Zet claims the bed on the left, flopping down to sit on the end of it and shrugging out of her brand new jacket. She quietly starts to go through the contents of her utility belt, no doubt assessing their resources for this new problem.

Aaah, a seedy bed in a dank hotel. Doesn’t this take her back. The Human is glad to be off of her feet, judging by the tired way she looks at the moment. Much like Zet, she is friendly but not particularly open about why she ended up on a ship with them. Today, though, she seems more tense and drawn.

She sits down on the bed on the right, removing the coat and her own utility belt before settling back to rest her head for a few minutes. “I imagine we are going to have a difficult time trying to find anyone willing to deal with alleged mass murderers.” She comments off-hand. “What do we still have to deal with this casino?”

The “mass murderer” comment passes without any real response. It’s true, Zet did kind of kill or help to kill five beings today. “I’ve got a couple frag grenades,” she replies, pulling one out to show it to her. “And a bigger gun, thanks to those guys. Umm, my stunning good looks, obviously…” She flashes a tense smile across at Callia. “I bet I can find a vendor who’ll sell us a few supplies and keep quiet about it, but it might cost us. That Selonian keeps saying he’s a hacker, so hopefully between the two of us we can get in and get out without having to fight the entire army this guy allegedly has…”

“That would be preferable, yes,” Callia agrees. She closes her eyes, slowly letting the slightly less uncomfortable situation bleed out from around her. “We’ve been responsible for enough violence today, I believe.” Her eyes open back up and she turns her to look at the Twilek. “Why did you kill the Lutrillian?”

“Our faces were already all over the local news.” Zet’s voice is so measured, so even, but if Callia is attentive she’ll likely be able to sense a little uptick in her stress levels at this line of questioning. “I have to trust that Aris is keeping it from spreading any farther. But in the meantime, there was no reason for us to believe that he was actually gonna just go home and lay low. He was going to run squealing right back to his boss with descriptions of all of us, and they would have been watching for us by the time we got to the casino.” She shrugs. “Like Qurzer said, we couldn’t leave a loose end.”

“Yes, we all have to trust her to keep it from spreading further,” Callia agrees. Her voice is so soft and measured, not accusing or judging. “And while I do agree with the sentiment that we don’t want ‘loose ends’, I don’t believe killing a being like that was a good judgement on our part.” She lets out a soft sigh. “They may already have been watching for us, if they watch the Holonet at all.” She takes another breath and finally sits up. “What I am saying is…we murdered a man in cold blood. Whether he deserved it or not for whatever he does for Aris’ husband, it probably wasn’t something we should have been allowed to decide upon.”

“Well, it’s done now. Like, maybe if the circumstances were different we could’ve found somewhere to keep him, alive, until we were finished with the casino, but…” Zet shrugs, looking over at Callia. “When did you get cold feet? Look what you did to the Trandoshan…”

Callia’s jaw sets. “It was not one of my finer moments,” she murmurs softly. Zet saw how that whole situation affected her in the end. “The overkill was not my intention, not in the slightest. He was going to kill us if we didn’t defend ourselves.” Slowly she releases another sigh. “I know it’s done now, but perhaps we should start looking to alternatives to killing everyone. I know it doesn’t sound that good coming from me, but we sometimes do things we aren’t proud of when out of our comfort zones. Perhaps we all need to start identifying those things earlier and break away from killing while we still can. We don’t want to be on the run all the time, right?”

“Ummmm…” The smile Zet is giving Callia now is definitely a tiny bit patronizing. “You do realize you’ve thrown in with a pair of smugglers, right? We aren’t exactly not on the run, most of the time…” Waving a hand in a peremptory manner, she adds, “Anyway, that’s not fair, ‘cause back on Tatooine we didn’t even shoot droids if we didn’t have to. The Lutrillian’s like extenuating circumstances.”

“Mmmph, I am aware.” She mutters with a small grin. “Lets at least be on the run for good reasons, then? Perhaps freeing some slaves, ruining a couple Hutt’s day, that sort of thing?” Callia rubs the bridge of her nose. “Even so, do you really want another death like his on your conscience? All I’m saying is…lets find ways to avoid that in the future.”

Zet shrugs noncommittally, studying Callia’s face. “Why’re you so worried about my conscience?” she retorts with a teasing grin.

“I think, because under all that smug exterior, you are a good person.” Callia replies. “At least, that is just the impression I am getting. I can also tell this whole situation has made you tense, ever since the Tram. Something has put you on high alert and is pushing you to extremes that you didn’t display on Tatooine, where the stakes seemed much higher.”

The Twi’lek blinks, but otherwise her cool exterior is unshaken. “I didn’t see any Black Sun graffiti on Tatooine,” she points out, sounding a bit defensive. That might have something to do with the way her Chiss partner has been bickering with her regarding whether or not the syndicate is even operating in this neighborhood.

“You wouldn’t considering it’s Hutt territory.” Callia replies. “I imagine there would be a massive falling out if Black Sun tried to encroach upon Hutt territory.” She brushes a few strands of her hair back. “But we haven’t seen any Black Sun grafitti here, either. Do you have a reason to fear the Black Sun over the Hutts?”

“Why do you guys keep saying that to me? Jeez, I know what I saw…” Zet folds her arms, looking agitated now. “When it’s the Hutts, at least I know what I’m dealing with. I grew up on Nar Shaddaa. But the Black Sun? You get in with them and you never get out.” She isn’t lying, but Callia may get the sense that this isn’t the entire truth, either.

Callia studies Zet, backing off from trying to convince here the Black Sun isn’t here. She’ll come around when she needs to. Instead, she zones in for the attack. “…but you did?” It’s an innocent question.

Now, the Twi’lek gives Callia a sharp look, like she thinks she just caught on to what the woman is up to. “No more than you got away from the Empire,” she shoots back. Given she actually doesn’t understand Callia’s connection to this “admiral” at all, it’s maybe a bit presumptuous…

Callia laughs softly at that. “I suppose you have me to rights, there.” She says. “Though I will say the Empire is the last thing I wish I was connected to. Well just do what we need to do to survive.”

“Right, and sometimes that’s gonna involve cold-blooded murder.” Zet is still watching her, although she looks less annoyed than she did a second ago. “I think you met Santos ‘n me at a strange time in our lives, that’s all. It isn’t usually like this. Let’s just deal with this scumbag and get off this planet, whatever it takes. Unless you’re really dying to find out who’s coming for the cloud car race.”

“I think we have all met each other at strange points in our lives.” Callia agrees. “We’ll strike a balance eventually.” She smiles warmly. “No, I think we should get this job done and be gone before the hype and fanfare for the Cloud Car race begins.”

“Yeah…” Zet glances towards the ajar door between their room and the other. “For someone who doesn’t want to kill everyone, though, you’re super good at killing them…”

“Call it beginners luck.” Callia replies. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LUCK. “I don’t believe it will last. Plus I think it might be time to find something that will do less damage.” She smiles.