Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode II, Part 1: I'm amazing and Bespin is the worst

Zet's journal

I think we really screwed up. We walked right into Black Sun turf, started a firefight in a crowded market covered in cameras, and now we’re indebted to some local politician’s daughter and if we don’t help her we’re never gonna get off this stupid planet alive.

It started as soon as we landed on Bespin. Ingrid and Rakine went to do whatever it is fancy people do, but before the rest of us could get anywhere, this Selonian stepped up in front of us and demanded that we follow them to their boss. Technically we should’ve just been on Bespin long enough to drop off Rakine and Zrask, but we went with Qurzer for two reasons: maybe money, and also, they were smart enough to recognize who’s in charge of this little crew.

We were on the train to Port Town when I saw the first Black Sun logo. Santos is insisting I’m nuts, but I know what I saw. So I was kind of on edge when Qurzer introduced us to their boss, Aris Shen. She was being followed by a bunch of thugs, so we just did what anyone trying to impress a potential employer would do and stopped them! And now we have their jackets.

Back at her little safehouse, Aris laid out the situation: her husband is some overbearing ass who runs a casino and doesn’t let her do anything on her own, and her dad is an ambassador. She wants us to get her out of her marriage, and in exchange she’ll introduce us to her father, who also wants us to do a job for him (our reputations precede us…?) and in exchange for THAT he can hopefully help us get off this planet. Aris is also suppressing all the, ahem, Holonet footage of us shooting up the Port Town marketplace, and if she had any idea what that little favour is worth to me she proooobably would’ve asked for a lot more.

We dragged the thugs’ leader back there to question him a little, too. I feel like I can work Santos and Qurzer’s total lack of tact into my routine, ‘cause when they were done scaring the piss out of that poor guy he told me everything I wanted to know. The others were kind of upset when I shot him anyway… well… not Santos, which is why we’re best friends!! Now we’re planning some kind of ridiculous casino caper, and we have almost no time to do it, because there’s an Imperial admiral coming in a week. (Watch Callia’s face whenever someone says the word admiral…)

Speaking of Callia, she pulled me aside after to ask some nosy questions about the Black Suns and why I kept shooting people. I’m confused, ‘cause I watched her carve up a ton of Gamorreans and a Trandoshan back on Tattooine. But she doesn’t have to convince me that shooting first and asking questions later is a bad idea on a planet like Bespin.