Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode II, Part 1: New Jackets and Paranoid Twi'leks

Santos' Journal

I have to say it: I LOVE BESPIN.

What’s not to like? Fresh air, nice cool temperature. It’s a bit windy, but I could get used to that. Not to mention, the moment we got off the The Krayt Fang, a straight-to-business Selonian was waiting to take us to a women willing to give us a lot of money for one simple job. Things are looking up!

So Qurzer was waiting for Zet, Callia, Zrask and me as we landed on Bespin. Ingrid and Rakine ran off to who care where, leaving more money for the rest of us.

Qurzer took us on a lovely tour of the under-belly of Bespin, on our way to meet Aris Shen. It was a completely uneventful trip, except for the part where Zet had a panic attack when she thought she saw some Black Suns graffiti on the tram. Honestly, it was a water stain. Now she’s been hijacked by her own paranoia, and we start noticing a group of goons following this Aris person through the streets.

Naturally, Qurzer took things from 0 to Deadly by walking side-by-side with the head goon, knife drawn. One thing leads to another, and Qurzer and Callia are taking on the head goon while Zrask just vanishes into the crowd, leaving only a puddle where he stood.

Lucky for Qurzer and Callia, Zet and I are always ready for action. After rolling behind a shop cart for cover, we quickly took care of the rest of the thugs. Didn’t even break a sweat. Eventually the head thug goes down. He was still alive, so we tied him up, took all their stuff and met up with Aris.

Turns out those goons worked for her husband, whom she wanted to be rid of. She offered us money to collect some incriminating evidence from his casino, and naturally I agreed to do it, because money. We dragged the head goon back to her rundown apartment to extract some information from him. Callia seemed more than a little upset when Zet killed him. Remind me to ask Callia why it’s ok to kill Gamorreans, but not Lutrillians. Or don’t, because you’re just a stupid file on a computer.