Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode II, Part 2: nope

Zet's journal

I really thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep, but as soon as the adrenaline wore off I crashed hard. I kinda have the vague feeling Santos lurked around in our cabin for a while to keep an eye out but it’s all a little fuzzy right now. I just feel really lucky to have found such a good friend.

We didn’t have a problem getting into Tabarith’s penthouse. Santos kind of made fun of me but I’ve never ziplined on actual SKYSCRAPERS before, let alone with that kind of wind, and I’m not a freaking maniac like he is, so I’m just glad we both made it across. It was freezing up on that roof and it seemed to take Callia and Qurzer a long time to get the door open, but they pulled it off and we got inside before my lekku snapped off.

They’d found Ingrid somewhere. I reeeeally don’t understand why she’s so hostile… it’s not like we picked the casino where she’d just started her new life as a normal non-criminal on purpose. We did kind of get her off Tatooine. She’d still be back there, hiding in a closet from Gamorreans and Teemo if we hadn’t helped her out. Buuut whatever.

A nasty security droid smoked Santos really good the second we dropped out of the access hatch. Luckily for him, I’m super-quick, and patched him up with a stim while simultaneously providing cover fire. And using him for cover. The benefits of a super-tall accomplice…

I don’t know where Shen found Qurzer but they’re welcome to tag along with us anytime. They managed to lock down the elevator behind us so no one would follow us up that way, giving us what we thought was ample time to explore the penthouse apartment once the droids were taken out. I managed to find a couple of hysterical Cathar women behind door number one when one of them nailed me with an expensive-looking vase. Callia calmed them down (more on this later) and she, Qurzer and I went to investigate the office.

Minutes after the Selonian got on the computer and found the info we needed, Tabarith himself showed up, flanked by a small mob of guards. This is when things got super weird. Callia tried to calm him down, and he started gloating at her about how she was “far away from the Jedi temple,” and “all her people died out twenty years ago” or whatever. So, like, what, she’s been a Jedi (ex-Jedi??) all along and we had no idea? There was NO time to talk about it, and if some kinda Jedi mind trick wasn’t going to solve the problem there was nothing I could say, so I used the only language violently abusive underworld scum understand and nailed him with a stun grenade.

That’s basically when all hell broke loose – I took some really bad blaster fire, and when Santos showed up he tried to grapple Tabarith from behind and almost got his head popped off for his trouble. He managed to shoot himself free and then I knocked the guy out, but by then there were twice as many guards in the room, none of them were going down, and we were all running low on stimpacks.

And then the bounty hunter showed up.

I didn’t even have time to warn anybody… I think they all assumed she was there to help when she started by knocking out some of Tabarith’s thugs, but then she turned around and got me all tangled up in some kind of rope thing. I was pretty sure I was gonna go for another trip through the skyline of Cloud City when Santos had the bright idea to shoot her jetpack with our spare zipline. And then Callia cut me loose. Qurzer had called a transport while they were on the computer, and it was already waiting outside the broken window. While everyone else was jumping to safety (or something… I don’t really get what happened with Ingrid and Qurzer but it involved a parachute) Santos attached the zipline to Tabarith’s huge office chair and knocked it out the window, taking the bounty hunter with it.

Aris paid us, thanked us, and bypassed her dad completely. It’s too hot here now, and they’re apparently dusting one of the bacta tanks on the Krayt Fang for prints because someone left a dead human girl in it. We’re on some kind of fancy passenger ship, all expenses paid, probably headed deeper into Imperial space, and I don’t even want to leave my room to enjoy it in case someone else recognizes me and tries to drag me off somewhere.

(Added in a messier scrawl the next morning)

I’m never drinking with Santos again. Did we find out he was Force-sensitive last night or did I imagine that after like three glasses of quanya?

(OOC note just to keep track of gear – Zet picked up a new vest somewhere on the Corellian Runner that adds +2 encumbrance, for 100 credits. She also restocked her stim packs from 0 to 3!)