Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode II, Part 2: So that's what burning Chiss smells like

Santos' Journal

Not cool, Bespin!

The plan was GOOD. It worked, too. Up until the time that it didn’t.

Zet and I made our way up some skyscrapper after Zet feeds security some BS about repairing something or other. The wind was intense, but I managed to secure the zip line onto the roof of the Tibana Sunset Casino. Zet handled the trip across with her usual grace (read: complete meltdown), but the ride down was a blast. We both made it safely to the roof of the Casino, all ready for action. Of course Callia and Qurzer were taking their precious time opening the bloody door for us.

Finally we get inside, only to be sassed over the comlink by Ingrid, because of course she just started a new career as a mob-nurse. Anyway, Zet and I quickly take down one of the two guard droids in our way. Well, I quickly took it down. Because I’m awesome. Zet used me as a shield and stabbed me in the back with some sweet, sweet stims. Qurzer’s sharp as a tack, and disables the lift, so after taking down the last droid, we had the penthouse suite all to our selves.

I start searching the sweet, because money, while Zet gets a vase broke over her head by a pair of terrified Cathar women. Then shit got weird. Callia said a few words to the Cathars, and they just calmed right down and crawled back into bed. No one else seemed to notice, but it felt like this wave travelled through me, and Callia was the source.

There wasn’t much time to reflect on that, as everyone but Ingrid and me found their way into Vorse Tabarith’s office, and the next thing I know, a grenade blasts. Gotta love Zet. I rushed in to find Vorse standing by the entrance, while some more goons were opening fire on my… people. I seized the opportunity to grapple what I thought was an average business man, and that’s where it all went south. Turns out Vorse knew a thing or two about fighting, and turned the grapple on me, knocking the breath out of me at the same time. Thanks to my quick thinking, and my blaster pistol strategically placed on his thigh, I managed to free myself, and we eventually knocked Vorse out.

And that’s when the windows broke. This bounty hunter crashed the party and threw a rope around Zet. While I had a clear shot I landed my second zip line into their jet pack. If they were taking Zet, they were taking me with them. Luckily Callia severed the line holding Zet, and I was able to attach my end of the zip line to a really nice, sturdy office chair that did a great job of “falling” out the window, taking the hunter with it. Unfortunately, that wasn’t before the hunter let loose their flame through at Callia and me. I can still feel my flesh bubbling when I sleep. I remember thinking that I was going to die there. I was going to die and be cooked, and the Selonian was going to eat me. I don’t know how I managed to jump onto that transport Qurzer lined up, but here I am, alive on a casino ship likely bound for Imperial space. I really should send Aris Shen a thank you card for setting us up in this luxury liner.

But seriously, Bespin, you didn’t do right by me. Although, the zip lining was awesome. Aw, I can’t stay mad at you.

(OOC: For gear purchased during downtime- 3 stim packs (total 4) and 1 bottle of whiskey. It’s very important)