Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

The Reclusive Rebel

Flavor text

Somehow this shuttle full of misfits had made it into the clear. The Togruta calling herself Rakine rests secure in the conviction that she has done everything she can to ensure they won’t be followed — and that the Imperial ship and her crew won’t be so lucky as to escape by stealing the civilian cruise liner after what they did to the captain.

Waiting in the infirmary, she’d had time to envision the drama playing out: two ruined ships and the swarm of scavengers… The chaos as the storm troopers are spread thin to defend all access to their ship and desperately await word of backup. They deserve it. Let them experience that state of fear and reconsider the role they play in this universe.

It was Rakine’s own intent to take the sniper fire meant for Callia. Then, selflessly, the Jedi had insisted on being the last to leave the cargo bay despite that. That shows the makings of a hero. A true potential asset to the Rebellion…

A new scar for herself is nothing to be concerned about. Rakine didn’t mind being last to see the doctor.

Afterward, she was to be found quietly taking inventory of the armory. Her usual habit of staying out of the way. Only after noticing that the drunk pilot has left the cockpit does she venture out.