Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode I: Things never go as planned...

Callia's journal

To say today was not one of my finest hours would be an understatement. I suppose, though, when you are being chased by Gammorean guards after you were supposed to steal something from a Hutt because you’ve been blackmailed by an Admiral in the Imperial Army, you are already not having a good day.

It’s been a while since I’ve found myself in a situation like this. I’m a bit rusty and attacked with no real forethought. Those poor Gammoreans never saw it coming and I’m sure my three new companions were taken back as well. My old Master would be disgusted with me, I’m sure. Master Alesca, I’m sorry. I gave up that life a long time ago, I know that disappointed you to begin with. I cannot let this affect me anymore.

I can say these things all I like, but it didn’t stop the immense overwhelming guilt and the heavy feeling of so many lives lost later on.

My new companions and I set off after the slaughter to find a way off the planet. Zet and Santos were rather up-front with their intention of not letting us know why they were here beyond meeting with Teemo as well. Ingrid, on the other hand, was much too shifty and shady. She looks to be from the Core Worlds, much like me. It’s a reason for concern but until I see her officially run to an Imperial, I will just have to be cautious.

Zet very convincingly talked a dealer into letting us pick up a part for a Trandoshan waiting on his new hyperdrive, plus a few other things. Next we managed to talk the Imperials into unlocking his ship to prepare for launch. Of course, that is when the Admiral decided to pass along a message. Yes yes, I’m doing my best to get your shit done.

Leaving Tatoonie may not have been the smartest way to accomplish that. That’s a thought for later. Perhaps I may not even finish it. I haven’t decided quite yet what my next course of action should be.

Of course, then we had to deal with the Trandoshan. Talking our way onto the ship was easy enough. Convincing him I was a mechanic there to install the part a touch harder. Things seemed to be going smoothly until I may have banged around a bit too hard. I know how to put a hyperdrive together, I did it for years when I was still an Apprentice. Unfortunately, like everything else, I am extremely out of practice. It was at that point that he asked a vital question and Santos decided to give our whole plot away. The moron damn near got himself killed, as well. But…Zet and I managed to take him out, Ingrid managed to hide successfully and Santos managed to pilot us through a fleet of attacking Imperials. One slaver in the galaxy is gone. Too bad there are still more than I can imagine left out there.

We found three individuals in stasis in Bacta tanks. The Trandoshan’s catches, I suppose. It’s been a long time since I’ve reached out with the Force. I wasn’t able to sense much from them. I did manage to convince Ingrid to remove them from the tanks, though the young human girl did not survive. Now we have a frightened Bothan and an angry Togruta on board with us. We are on our way to Bespin, though, to drop them off. Hopefully they can find their way from there and recover from whatever led to them being enslaved.

For now, I am going to meditate. The actions of today are weighing heavily upon me and I need to do something I haven’t done properly in a very long time.