Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

What to do?

Log Entry 120086

At first I was confused about what to do with the money given to me by Zetnu’ri and Santos. It was quite a lot and I have never been paid before. There was nothing to repair on the ship but it had a lot of extra room in the cargo sections.

The market was also very boring. Everywhere I looked there were brand new goods and nothing needed repairing. I was quite upset and started wandering. I realized that I missed Zetnu’ri and her ability to break things. I should do something to help other people in the group not get kidnapped.

I remembered a time when my first master took me to a place where there was nothing but broken parts. I had only to ask one person and I was told about a dozen different locations. I chose the nearest one and when I arrived I saw that it was better than I remembered. The owner of this pile of broken parts was very curious about my presence since he usually only deals with organic life forms. He seemed very eager to help me once he found out that I had credits.

I was going to pick up only items I could carry until the helpful organic told me about delivery. I think I spent almost all of the credits that I was given but I’m sure I can get more because these came so easily.

I’m so eager to get at this pile of parts. I bought so many spare parts for the Rainbow Dash and for the new freighter that we have as well. I’m sure I’ll be able to repair them for a long time. I also bough many upgrade parts. I’m glad that I didn’t have to buy weapons since we have plenty of those lying around. I know they will come in handy when modifying the droids.