Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Episode I: This is why Santos isn't allowed to talk to anyone
Zet's journal

We’re so lucky things didn’t go worse than they did on Tatooine.

Honestly, it’s not even that scary, dealing with the Hutts, so when they dragged Santos and I all the way out to that backwater planet I wasn’t that worried about it, but I guess Teemo has nooo sense of humour. That’s how the two of us found ourselves ducking into a cantina with two random humans I’ve never laid eyes on in my life, one of whom immediately made herself useful by locking herself in a closet…

Which is in turn how Ingrid ended up our official hyperspace whatsicallit carrier as we headed out to steal ourselves a ride off the planet. We can deal with the Hutts later, if they don’t deal with us first. After this Callia woman cut up a bunch of Gamorreans, the bartender at the cantina told us where to find a ship, and where to find the part the ship needed; it was quick work to swindle the old guy at the junk shop into giving us the part but a little harder to convince the woman at the spaceport control to open the docking clamps.

Callia got some kind of weird message from an admiral which makes me really nervous about travelling around with her — like we need two big targets painted on our heads. But we don’t know each other well enough that I can convince her to tell me what it was all about, even now that we’re safe. So I don’t know if that had anything to do with the squad of Stormtroopers we ran into right outside, but my brilliant stun grenade plan took care of them before they could lay a hand or blast a hole in any of us.

What I’m trying to say is, all things considered, it was going real smoothly. We (I!!!) talked our way onto the slaver‘s ship, Callia was installing the part, we were watching for our moment, and then suddenly the guy got nervous and asked us what we were really doing there. Santos had been soooo well-behaved all day, but I swear he just blurted out, "We’re here to kill you and take your ship." He’s lucky that blaster shot didn’t kill him because we don’t have a single other pilot which is the same reason I didn’t smother him in his sleep I would never do that and he did manage to get us into the air and away from the Imperial ships that tried to chase us. And no one’s going to miss a slaver.

We found three people in bacta tanks and we were maybe a little hasty letting them out, but I felt awful seeing them there. Ingrid accidentally killed the girl in one of them. But we saved the Bothan and the Togruta, and we’re going to drop them off on Bespin as they requested. So that’s something good that came out of all this.

Episode I: My new toy has a reptile problem
Santos' Journal

I really don’t see why everyone’s all up at arms with me. I mean, nobody died! Ok, a few people died.

Ok, so it probably wasn’t the best idea to avoid Teemo the Hutt, but Zetnu’ri and I didn’t really want to be talked down to by yet another Hutt. I was hoping to see more of Mos Shuuta, but what I saw while we were being chased into that cantina was enough to convince me that I have no intention of ever going back.

A pair of humans were also avoiding Teemo for whatever reason, so the four of us fanned out and found hiding spots. One of the humans managed to hid in the closet and make the door disappear. Nice trick, but how was she expecting to get out from there? So, I ducked into one of the poorly lit booths, and of course did flawless job of blending in, aside from my eyes. And yeah, that bothers me! We’re in a room full of Zabraks, Toydarians and Devorians, but somehow I’m the sketchy one. That just isn’t right.

I don’t think we really intended to kill all those Gamorreans that attacked me, but that one human, Callia, was cutting through them like she needed to feel their blood on her skin. At any rate, the end result was that we needed to leave the planet fast.

We managed to learn of a YT-1300 that was waiting for a replacement thingy, and arranged to be the ones to bring the thingy to the ship. Ingrid decided to come out of the closet and join us, and since she missed all the fun with the Gamorreans, she volunteered to carry the replacement part. Maybe she was told to, that part’s a bit fuzzy now. On our way to the hangar two groups of stormtroopers try to start something with us. Zet drops a stun grenade in the middle of one group, because that’s what Zet does. With that group taking a nap we easily get past the other one, and make it on to the ship.

Callia impersonated a mechanic (I’ve never met a mechanic that could kill with such vigor) and started installing the part in the ship while then-owner, a Trandoshan named Trex watched suspiciously.

Clearly Callia didn’t convince Trex, as he demanded to know who we were. So, I told him we were going to steal his ship. I expected Trex to be less than thrilled at that prospect, but Zet’s anger was a surprise. Maybe I misinterpreted the plan.

It all worked out in the end. We got the ship, and after a short dance with a few Tie fighters, set course for adventure. Trex, unfortunately, didn’t survive. He also lost an arm, which I think Callia is using as a body pillow.

So really, only a handful of Gamorreans and a Trandoshan died. Oh, and that young girl in the bacta tank. But I had nothing to do with that.

Episode I: Things never go as planned...
Callia's journal

To say today was not one of my finest hours would be an understatement. I suppose, though, when you are being chased by Gammorean guards after you were supposed to steal something from a Hutt because you’ve been blackmailed by an Admiral in the Imperial Army, you are already not having a good day.

It’s been a while since I’ve found myself in a situation like this. I’m a bit rusty and attacked with no real forethought. Those poor Gammoreans never saw it coming and I’m sure my three new companions were taken back as well. My old Master would be disgusted with me, I’m sure. Master Alesca, I’m sorry. I gave up that life a long time ago, I know that disappointed you to begin with. I cannot let this affect me anymore.

I can say these things all I like, but it didn’t stop the immense overwhelming guilt and the heavy feeling of so many lives lost later on.

My new companions and I set off after the slaughter to find a way off the planet. Zet and Santos were rather up-front with their intention of not letting us know why they were here beyond meeting with Teemo as well. Ingrid, on the other hand, was much too shifty and shady. She looks to be from the Core Worlds, much like me. It’s a reason for concern but until I see her officially run to an Imperial, I will just have to be cautious.

Zet very convincingly talked a dealer into letting us pick up a part for a Trandoshan waiting on his new hyperdrive, plus a few other things. Next we managed to talk the Imperials into unlocking his ship to prepare for launch. Of course, that is when the Admiral decided to pass along a message. Yes yes, I’m doing my best to get your shit done.

Leaving Tatoonie may not have been the smartest way to accomplish that. That’s a thought for later. Perhaps I may not even finish it. I haven’t decided quite yet what my next course of action should be.

Of course, then we had to deal with the Trandoshan. Talking our way onto the ship was easy enough. Convincing him I was a mechanic there to install the part a touch harder. Things seemed to be going smoothly until I may have banged around a bit too hard. I know how to put a hyperdrive together, I did it for years when I was still an Apprentice. Unfortunately, like everything else, I am extremely out of practice. It was at that point that he asked a vital question and Santos decided to give our whole plot away. The moron damn near got himself killed, as well. But…Zet and I managed to take him out, Ingrid managed to hide successfully and Santos managed to pilot us through a fleet of attacking Imperials. One slaver in the galaxy is gone. Too bad there are still more than I can imagine left out there.

We found three individuals in stasis in Bacta tanks. The Trandoshan’s catches, I suppose. It’s been a long time since I’ve reached out with the Force. I wasn’t able to sense much from them. I did manage to convince Ingrid to remove them from the tanks, though the young human girl did not survive. Now we have a frightened Bothan and an angry Togruta on board with us. We are on our way to Bespin, though, to drop them off. Hopefully they can find their way from there and recover from whatever led to them being enslaved.

For now, I am going to meditate. The actions of today are weighing heavily upon me and I need to do something I haven’t done properly in a very long time.

Episode II, Part 1: New Jackets and Paranoid Twi'leks
Santos' Journal

I have to say it: I LOVE BESPIN.

What’s not to like? Fresh air, nice cool temperature. It’s a bit windy, but I could get used to that. Not to mention, the moment we got off the The Krayt Fang, a straight-to-business Selonian was waiting to take us to a women willing to give us a lot of money for one simple job. Things are looking up!

So Qurzer was waiting for Zet, Callia, Zrask and me as we landed on Bespin. Ingrid and Rakine ran off to who care where, leaving more money for the rest of us.

Qurzer took us on a lovely tour of the under-belly of Bespin, on our way to meet Aris Shen. It was a completely uneventful trip, except for the part where Zet had a panic attack when she thought she saw some Black Suns graffiti on the tram. Honestly, it was a water stain. Now she’s been hijacked by her own paranoia, and we start noticing a group of goons following this Aris person through the streets.

Naturally, Qurzer took things from 0 to Deadly by walking side-by-side with the head goon, knife drawn. One thing leads to another, and Qurzer and Callia are taking on the head goon while Zrask just vanishes into the crowd, leaving only a puddle where he stood.

Lucky for Qurzer and Callia, Zet and I are always ready for action. After rolling behind a shop cart for cover, we quickly took care of the rest of the thugs. Didn’t even break a sweat. Eventually the head thug goes down. He was still alive, so we tied him up, took all their stuff and met up with Aris.

Turns out those goons worked for her husband, whom she wanted to be rid of. She offered us money to collect some incriminating evidence from his casino, and naturally I agreed to do it, because money. We dragged the head goon back to her rundown apartment to extract some information from him. Callia seemed more than a little upset when Zet killed him. Remind me to ask Callia why it’s ok to kill Gamorreans, but not Lutrillians. Or don’t, because you’re just a stupid file on a computer.

Galactic News Bulletin - Violence in Cloud City!
Correspondent Trace Stardust

Violence in Cloud City!

Shoppers panicked when a shoot out occurred In a public market place in Port Town. At least four dead and twelve injured. Among the dead include some persons of interest to the Bespin Wing Guard.

Chief of Security for the city, Lobot declared that they are looking for a tall blue male, Twilek , Selonian, human woman, and while they have no clear suspects as of yet, incidents like this will not be tolerated. This will only fuel Lobot’s interest to clean up the streets of Cloud City.

I’m Trace Stardust with the Galactic News Network.


Episode II, Part 1: I'm amazing and Bespin is the worst
Zet's journal

I think we really screwed up. We walked right into Black Sun turf, started a firefight in a crowded market covered in cameras, and now we’re indebted to some local politician’s daughter and if we don’t help her we’re never gonna get off this stupid planet alive.

It started as soon as we landed on Bespin. Ingrid and Rakine went to do whatever it is fancy people do, but before the rest of us could get anywhere, this Selonian stepped up in front of us and demanded that we follow them to their boss. Technically we should’ve just been on Bespin long enough to drop off Rakine and Zrask, but we went with Qurzer for two reasons: maybe money, and also, they were smart enough to recognize who’s in charge of this little crew.

We were on the train to Port Town when I saw the first Black Sun logo. Santos is insisting I’m nuts, but I know what I saw. So I was kind of on edge when Qurzer introduced us to their boss, Aris Shen. She was being followed by a bunch of thugs, so we just did what anyone trying to impress a potential employer would do and stopped them! And now we have their jackets.

Back at her little safehouse, Aris laid out the situation: her husband is some overbearing ass who runs a casino and doesn’t let her do anything on her own, and her dad is an ambassador. She wants us to get her out of her marriage, and in exchange she’ll introduce us to her father, who also wants us to do a job for him (our reputations precede us…?) and in exchange for THAT he can hopefully help us get off this planet. Aris is also suppressing all the, ahem, Holonet footage of us shooting up the Port Town marketplace, and if she had any idea what that little favour is worth to me she proooobably would’ve asked for a lot more.

We dragged the thugs’ leader back there to question him a little, too. I feel like I can work Santos and Qurzer’s total lack of tact into my routine, ‘cause when they were done scaring the piss out of that poor guy he told me everything I wanted to know. The others were kind of upset when I shot him anyway… well… not Santos, which is why we’re best friends!! Now we’re planning some kind of ridiculous casino caper, and we have almost no time to do it, because there’s an Imperial admiral coming in a week. (Watch Callia’s face whenever someone says the word admiral…)

Speaking of Callia, she pulled me aside after to ask some nosy questions about the Black Suns and why I kept shooting people. I’m confused, ‘cause I watched her carve up a ton of Gamorreans and a Trandoshan back on Tattooine. But she doesn’t have to convince me that shooting first and asking questions later is a bad idea on a planet like Bespin.

Episode II, Part 1: What Have I Gotten Myself Into?
Callia's journal

Part of me wonders if I shouldn’t have just taken off after Ingrid and Content Not Found: rakine when I had the chance. The events of today are pushing me in the same way the events of Tatoonie did and I haven’t been pushed like that in a very long time.

As soon as we were off the ship, we were greeted by a Selonian named Qurzer. They were very demanding to know who our leader was(I’m not surprised Zet decided to take charge) and asked us to follow them. It’s been years since I’ve been to Bespin, so I’m not entirely sure of the political climate or it’s feelings toward us. If someone wanted us to do something, we were going to have to keep it low-key.

Too bad we’re not very good at that. We went to Port Town with Qurzer who brought us to a Pantoran woman named Aris Shen. Apparently her husband is a crime lord on Bespin, running one of the biggest tourist attractions on the upper levels, the Tibana Sunset Casino. She wanted our help but had to run.

That’s when the fire-fight started. Qurzer seemed incredibly indebted to this woman, protecting her and firing at the goons who were looking for her. In a crowded market square. For some reason, Zet, Santos and I decided to help out to the best of our ability. Too many innocents died in that crowd.

We managed to take one of the goons alive and I watched as Qurzer, Santos and Zet ruthlessly played bad cop, good cop. What I didn’t expect, what I should have expected…what I should have ’’’stopped’’’ was the way Zet murdered the man in cold blood. Another life needlessly taken from the world. I may have to talk to her about this. I should. We should try to turn ourselves around now, before we become too depraved. I may not be a Jedi any longer, but the Force doesn’t seem to care much.

Now we must plan how we’re going to break into this casino and get the information we need for Aris to escape her husband. We will save this woman and take down Vorse while we’re at it.

Roleplay log: Callia asks Zet to be less murdery
an e-mail rp log

(OOC – we wrote this assuming it immediately followed our second session of play)

It’s a short scamper through some back alleys to find a rundown hotel where the party can set up for the short term. All they can get for the night at this evening hour is a pair of cramped, adjoining rooms. Zet, making an offhand joke about not needing to room with a boy for once, immediately claims the second one for herself and Callia.

The Twi’lek was likely friendly, if not especially open about her history, with the human while they were travelling. But she’s been particularly tense ever since leaving Aris’ safehouse. Their room is tiny — there’s hardly space for one person to walk between the pair of single beds in here, and the mattresses aren’t exactly comfortable, but at least it’s a room.

Zet claims the bed on the left, flopping down to sit on the end of it and shrugging out of her brand new jacket. She quietly starts to go through the contents of her utility belt, no doubt assessing their resources for this new problem.

Aaah, a seedy bed in a dank hotel. Doesn’t this take her back. The Human is glad to be off of her feet, judging by the tired way she looks at the moment. Much like Zet, she is friendly but not particularly open about why she ended up on a ship with them. Today, though, she seems more tense and drawn.

She sits down on the bed on the right, removing the coat and her own utility belt before settling back to rest her head for a few minutes. “I imagine we are going to have a difficult time trying to find anyone willing to deal with alleged mass murderers.” She comments off-hand. “What do we still have to deal with this casino?”

The “mass murderer” comment passes without any real response. It’s true, Zet did kind of kill or help to kill five beings today. “I’ve got a couple frag grenades,” she replies, pulling one out to show it to her. “And a bigger gun, thanks to those guys. Umm, my stunning good looks, obviously…” She flashes a tense smile across at Callia. “I bet I can find a vendor who’ll sell us a few supplies and keep quiet about it, but it might cost us. That Selonian keeps saying he’s a hacker, so hopefully between the two of us we can get in and get out without having to fight the entire army this guy allegedly has…”

“That would be preferable, yes,” Callia agrees. She closes her eyes, slowly letting the slightly less uncomfortable situation bleed out from around her. “We’ve been responsible for enough violence today, I believe.” Her eyes open back up and she turns her to look at the Twilek. “Why did you kill the Lutrillian?”

“Our faces were already all over the local news.” Zet’s voice is so measured, so even, but if Callia is attentive she’ll likely be able to sense a little uptick in her stress levels at this line of questioning. “I have to trust that Aris is keeping it from spreading any farther. But in the meantime, there was no reason for us to believe that he was actually gonna just go home and lay low. He was going to run squealing right back to his boss with descriptions of all of us, and they would have been watching for us by the time we got to the casino.” She shrugs. “Like Qurzer said, we couldn’t leave a loose end.”

“Yes, we all have to trust her to keep it from spreading further,” Callia agrees. Her voice is so soft and measured, not accusing or judging. “And while I do agree with the sentiment that we don’t want ‘loose ends’, I don’t believe killing a being like that was a good judgement on our part.” She lets out a soft sigh. “They may already have been watching for us, if they watch the Holonet at all.” She takes another breath and finally sits up. “What I am saying is…we murdered a man in cold blood. Whether he deserved it or not for whatever he does for Aris’ husband, it probably wasn’t something we should have been allowed to decide upon.”

“Well, it’s done now. Like, maybe if the circumstances were different we could’ve found somewhere to keep him, alive, until we were finished with the casino, but…” Zet shrugs, looking over at Callia. “When did you get cold feet? Look what you did to the Trandoshan…”

Callia’s jaw sets. “It was not one of my finer moments,” she murmurs softly. Zet saw how that whole situation affected her in the end. “The overkill was not my intention, not in the slightest. He was going to kill us if we didn’t defend ourselves.” Slowly she releases another sigh. “I know it’s done now, but perhaps we should start looking to alternatives to killing everyone. I know it doesn’t sound that good coming from me, but we sometimes do things we aren’t proud of when out of our comfort zones. Perhaps we all need to start identifying those things earlier and break away from killing while we still can. We don’t want to be on the run all the time, right?”

“Ummmm…” The smile Zet is giving Callia now is definitely a tiny bit patronizing. “You do realize you’ve thrown in with a pair of smugglers, right? We aren’t exactly not on the run, most of the time…” Waving a hand in a peremptory manner, she adds, “Anyway, that’s not fair, ‘cause back on Tatooine we didn’t even shoot droids if we didn’t have to. The Lutrillian’s like extenuating circumstances.”

“Mmmph, I am aware.” She mutters with a small grin. “Lets at least be on the run for good reasons, then? Perhaps freeing some slaves, ruining a couple Hutt’s day, that sort of thing?” Callia rubs the bridge of her nose. “Even so, do you really want another death like his on your conscience? All I’m saying is…lets find ways to avoid that in the future.”

Zet shrugs noncommittally, studying Callia’s face. “Why’re you so worried about my conscience?” she retorts with a teasing grin.

“I think, because under all that smug exterior, you are a good person.” Callia replies. “At least, that is just the impression I am getting. I can also tell this whole situation has made you tense, ever since the Tram. Something has put you on high alert and is pushing you to extremes that you didn’t display on Tatooine, where the stakes seemed much higher.”

The Twi’lek blinks, but otherwise her cool exterior is unshaken. “I didn’t see any Black Sun graffiti on Tatooine,” she points out, sounding a bit defensive. That might have something to do with the way her Chiss partner has been bickering with her regarding whether or not the syndicate is even operating in this neighborhood.

“You wouldn’t considering it’s Hutt territory.” Callia replies. “I imagine there would be a massive falling out if Black Sun tried to encroach upon Hutt territory.” She brushes a few strands of her hair back. “But we haven’t seen any Black Sun grafitti here, either. Do you have a reason to fear the Black Sun over the Hutts?”

“Why do you guys keep saying that to me? Jeez, I know what I saw…” Zet folds her arms, looking agitated now. “When it’s the Hutts, at least I know what I’m dealing with. I grew up on Nar Shaddaa. But the Black Sun? You get in with them and you never get out.” She isn’t lying, but Callia may get the sense that this isn’t the entire truth, either.

Callia studies Zet, backing off from trying to convince here the Black Sun isn’t here. She’ll come around when she needs to. Instead, she zones in for the attack. “…but you did?” It’s an innocent question.

Now, the Twi’lek gives Callia a sharp look, like she thinks she just caught on to what the woman is up to. “No more than you got away from the Empire,” she shoots back. Given she actually doesn’t understand Callia’s connection to this “admiral” at all, it’s maybe a bit presumptuous…

Callia laughs softly at that. “I suppose you have me to rights, there.” She says. “Though I will say the Empire is the last thing I wish I was connected to. Well just do what we need to do to survive.”

“Right, and sometimes that’s gonna involve cold-blooded murder.” Zet is still watching her, although she looks less annoyed than she did a second ago. “I think you met Santos ‘n me at a strange time in our lives, that’s all. It isn’t usually like this. Let’s just deal with this scumbag and get off this planet, whatever it takes. Unless you’re really dying to find out who’s coming for the cloud car race.”

“I think we have all met each other at strange points in our lives.” Callia agrees. “We’ll strike a balance eventually.” She smiles warmly. “No, I think we should get this job done and be gone before the hype and fanfare for the Cloud Car race begins.”

“Yeah…” Zet glances towards the ajar door between their room and the other. “For someone who doesn’t want to kill everyone, though, you’re super good at killing them…”

“Call it beginners luck.” Callia replies. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LUCK. “I don’t believe it will last. Plus I think it might be time to find something that will do less damage.” She smiles.

Episode II, Part 2: So that's what burning Chiss smells like
Santos' Journal

Not cool, Bespin!

The plan was GOOD. It worked, too. Up until the time that it didn’t.

Zet and I made our way up some skyscrapper after Zet feeds security some BS about repairing something or other. The wind was intense, but I managed to secure the zip line onto the roof of the Tibana Sunset Casino. Zet handled the trip across with her usual grace (read: complete meltdown), but the ride down was a blast. We both made it safely to the roof of the Casino, all ready for action. Of course Callia and Qurzer were taking their precious time opening the bloody door for us.

Finally we get inside, only to be sassed over the comlink by Ingrid, because of course she just started a new career as a mob-nurse. Anyway, Zet and I quickly take down one of the two guard droids in our way. Well, I quickly took it down. Because I’m awesome. Zet used me as a shield and stabbed me in the back with some sweet, sweet stims. Qurzer’s sharp as a tack, and disables the lift, so after taking down the last droid, we had the penthouse suite all to our selves.

I start searching the sweet, because money, while Zet gets a vase broke over her head by a pair of terrified Cathar women. Then shit got weird. Callia said a few words to the Cathars, and they just calmed right down and crawled back into bed. No one else seemed to notice, but it felt like this wave travelled through me, and Callia was the source.

There wasn’t much time to reflect on that, as everyone but Ingrid and me found their way into Vorse Tabarith’s office, and the next thing I know, a grenade blasts. Gotta love Zet. I rushed in to find Vorse standing by the entrance, while some more goons were opening fire on my… people. I seized the opportunity to grapple what I thought was an average business man, and that’s where it all went south. Turns out Vorse knew a thing or two about fighting, and turned the grapple on me, knocking the breath out of me at the same time. Thanks to my quick thinking, and my blaster pistol strategically placed on his thigh, I managed to free myself, and we eventually knocked Vorse out.

And that’s when the windows broke. This bounty hunter crashed the party and threw a rope around Zet. While I had a clear shot I landed my second zip line into their jet pack. If they were taking Zet, they were taking me with them. Luckily Callia severed the line holding Zet, and I was able to attach my end of the zip line to a really nice, sturdy office chair that did a great job of “falling” out the window, taking the hunter with it. Unfortunately, that wasn’t before the hunter let loose their flame through at Callia and me. I can still feel my flesh bubbling when I sleep. I remember thinking that I was going to die there. I was going to die and be cooked, and the Selonian was going to eat me. I don’t know how I managed to jump onto that transport Qurzer lined up, but here I am, alive on a casino ship likely bound for Imperial space. I really should send Aris Shen a thank you card for setting us up in this luxury liner.

But seriously, Bespin, you didn’t do right by me. Although, the zip lining was awesome. Aw, I can’t stay mad at you.

(OOC: For gear purchased during downtime- 3 stim packs (total 4) and 1 bottle of whiskey. It’s very important)

Episode II, Part 2: You really can't escape your past
Callia's journal

This caper of ours into the Tibana Sunset Casino went much smoother than I would have expected…up to a point. Zet and Santos went from the roof, Qurzer and myself took the back way in. We managed to make convincing enough IDs that there was only a little bit of a hiccup getting inside to the security room. Qurzer thinks fast on they’re feet, though. How they managed to so sufficiently jam any com signals with the security room is beyond me. And the fact that we so sufficiently took the guard down with no-one noticing was incredible. We made it through the storage areas, through the kitchen and into security all in one piece.

It’s security where things started to get a bit mucked up. Ingrid had apparently found a job as a night nurse in the casino in the whole cycle since we had seen her last. There was much fast-talking, Qurzer mucking around on a terminal and then I did something I have not done in an incredibly long time. It’s strange how easily using the Force comes back to me. It seemed so ’’’content’’’ when I did it, as well. This was right.

Either way, we managed to convince the guards to let us past and to pull Ingrid with us. Up the elevator we went, all the way to Vorse’s penthouse suite. There we met up with some droids that were quickly demolished and then found a pair of Cathar girls lounging in Vorse’s bed. Strike one against this man. The girls panicked and once again I found myself using the Force to calm them down.

What’s important is we found what Aris was looking for. Some good dirt to one, put her husband in jail and two, get her out of his grasp. Qurzer was still messing around on the terminal in the office when Vorse himself appeared. They must’ve climbed Force knows how many flights of stairs. We did take the elevator out of commission, after all. I tried again to use the Force on him but it appears our dear friend Vorse is Force-sensitive. He recongized it right away and announced it to the room. I can still feel Zet’s eyes boring a hole in the back of my head. There will be many questions from everyone later.

Everything, yet again, went upside down. Thankfully we weren’t killing these beings left, right and center anymore. Zet and I had a fruitful discussion about needless death, perhaps she has figured out why now. Things were not going well for any of us and I’m sure the smuggler pair and shoved more stim packs into each other than I’d like to imagine.

It wasn’t long after Vorse fell that a bounty hunter appeared. We thought she may have been there to help. It seems she was actually there for Zet. Between Santos and myself, somehow we freed Zet of this woman. Santos even managed to push her through a window by connecting her jetpack to a zipline, the zipline to a chair and shoving her away.

Qurzer somehow had the foresight to call a transport to retrieve us, which showed up at the perfect time. Qurzer and Ingrid jumped for it…though I am to believe that Ingrid fell and Qurzer had to jump after her to rescue her. That Selonian is amazing and I am glad they are travelling with us now.

The rest of us boarded the transport, still barely alive and badly burnt between Santos and myself. We returned to Aris, gave her what she needed and then she was kind enough to give us treatment.

Now we’re on a cruiseline headed for the Core. How wonderful, Imperial space. I’m sure my dear Admiral friend would like to have a talk.