Sundance Godahli


Sundance Godahli was a twenty-something year old human woman from Nubia.


Sundance Godahli was the daughter of the deceased smuggler, 1Palob Godahli.

When her father was murdered by the Trandoshan mercenary arsonist, Nossk the Protagonists brought her father’s remains and starship to her on Nubia.

Sundance was a capable young woman who dreamed to follow in her father’s footsteps. She shared some of his jovial outlook but is decidedly more aggressive.

After her father’s death, Sundance blamed the Corellian Engineering Corporation and Rikkard Bel. She spent significant time running shadow operations against the corporation, often making business arrangements to deliver stolen goods to the rebellion through her childhood friend, Dak “Corkie” Styles.

After stealing an HT-2200 Medium Freighter full of food for delivery to Corkie, she was ambushed by Kath Scarlet and her Binayre pirates, the ship being incapacitated and boarded in a nebula.

Several rebels, accompanied by the bounty hunter Namira boarded the HT-2200 and fought off the pirates. Sundance was saved from death by radiation poisoning by Ana Nas and the shipment was brought to Whisper Base.

Sundance Godahli

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