a Twi'lek smuggler with a bounty on her head


Between the cocksure glint in her greyish eyes and the natural way her hand comes to rest at her hip, just above the holster of her blaster, Zetnu’ri looks ready for trouble. Standing at about 5’8, this green Twi’lek seems fairly typical for a female of her race. A simple headdress made of brown straps rests on her head, circling her ear cones and twisting around half the length of her striped lekku. She typically wears her thick canvas jacket open down the front, providing easy access to its many interior pockets, and a utility belt weighed down with the tools of her trade hangs heavy at her waist. Beneath her jacket, she wears a thin, cropped t-shirt which bares most of her midsection. Form-fitting pants and a pair of sturdy knee-high boots complete her day-to-day ensemble.


Zetnu’ri, or Zet Nuri to her companions, is a smuggler, a thief, and an all-around criminal. Born on Nar Shaddaa to a pair of former slaves (Jirgu’ri and Yune’tala), she was raised in extreme poverty. Though her parents may have preferred to find honest work, there is little enough of that on the Smuggler’s Moon. From the time she was a child Zet had to work to help to feed her family, and while her mother protected her from some of the more salacious work her race is known for, she frequently acted as a messenger, a delivery girl, or a lookout for various seedy figures.

When she came of age, she set out to do better than her parents had done and began to take odd jobs for various larger syndicates, such as the Hutts and the Black Suns. Zet’s work often took her off planet, and as such she gained experience in the quotidian operations of a starship. On one such fateful mission, she was helping to smuggle some cargo with a small crew, hired by the Black Suns. The ship was already halfway to its destination when Zet discovered their cargo was living: they were carrying slaves. Though she was comfortable with all manner of crime, including flat-out murder, Zet found she couldn’t see this one through. She deliberately sabotaged the mission by tipping off local authorities at their destination, but she wasn’t clever enough to avoid being found out. Unfortunately for Zet, that wasn’t the end of her relationship with the Black Suns: they put a hefty bounty on her head. She was lucky to find safe passage back to Hutt-controlled Nar Shaddaa.

Desperate to stay mobile and eager to strike out on her own — to be in a position where she wouldn’t need to take a job like that ever again. That was her mood when Zet ran into Santos, a Chiss smuggler whose Trandoshan partner Nossk had recently left him stranded on her homeworld. They struck up a quick and easy friendship, and Zet made the appropriate introductions to some Hutt contacts in exchange for their new partnership. Together, they purchased The Rainbow Dash. Unfortunately they later wrecked the Rainbow Dash, and now the Hutts have impounded it until they can pay off their substantial debt for repairs. Zet’s pet voorpak, Lirj, is also back on Nar Shaddaa, cared for by her parents whose lives have only somewhat improved with what few credits Zet has been able to send them — fewer now that the bounty on her head has driven her to distance herself from them for their own sakes.

The duo met Callia and Ingrid in Mos Shuuta, where all four of them were in some kind of trouble with Teemo the Hutt. Zet quickly fell into the role of party swindler, charming and lying their way through most of their problems, but she also proved to be handy with a blaster or a stun grenade. On Bespin, she was wary of trusting Qurzer but instantly sympathetic towards their employer, Aris Shen. Of course, this had something to do with the fact that Aris was able to keep Zet’s face off the local Holonet after she opened fire on her husband’s thugs in a crowded Port Town marketplace.

The crew agreed to break into the Tibana Sunset Casino, owned by Aris’s husband Vorse Tabarith. Zet and Santos zip lined onto the top of the skyscraper from an adjacent building and waited on the freezing rooftop for Qurzer and Callia to unlock the access door from the security control room below. Their teammates had run into Ingrid inside and brought her up the 50 storey elevator to meet them in the penthouse. After a quick scuffle with some droids, the five were able to search Vorse’s bedroom and office for the evidence they needed. Unfortunately, he interrupted their search. After a harrowing firefight with him and his men, a bounty hunter smashed through the office window and attempted to make off with Zet. Callia quickly cut her free while Santos ingeniously strapped Shard to an office chair and shoved it out the window. Both of them nearly died in the process, but with gravity on their side, the bounty hunter was removed from play and all members of the team were able to escape onto a waiting transport.

Aris paid them for their work and also ensured they had medical attention and safe passage on a civilian ship off world.

Zet had a quiet week on the relatively luxurious Corellian Runner to recover from her scare on Bespin, in spite of two revelations: Callia is a Jedi exile, and her best friend Santos is Force-sensitive. The rest and relaxation came to a screeching halt when the cruiser was stopped by an Imperial Customs Corvette, just as the group spotted their former acquaintance, the Togruta Rakine Bokete. They hid Callia from the Imperials, and then Zet, Santos, Rakine, and Qurzer were subject to rude treatment as the customs agents inspected their documentation. Unfortunately, the Imperials found a huge bomb in Rakine’s room, and chaos quickly broke out on the ship as they searched for what they insisted was a rebel threat. During the conflict, Callia revealed that she had rebuilt her lightsaber — she saved Zet’s life from Major Katryn Organa, the Imperial leader, by severing the woman’s arm.

At this point the protagonists forged a temporary alliance with Rakine with the intent of sneaking onto the customs corvette and sabotaging it so the civilian vessel could make its escape. Leaving Santos locked on the Corellian Runner’s bridge with Qurzer to support him, Callia and Ingrid donned Stormtrooper armor and frog-marched Zet and Rakine onto the Corvette, claiming they had captured the rebels. Everything went smoothly as they headed for the hyperdrive controls, up until a guard caught Zet breaking open a door. While Callia and Rakine completed their sabotage mission, Ingrid managed to shoot out some lights and break out the other prisoners. In the ensuing confusion, the four women were able to make their escape down the docking bay to meet Santos. While they were away, Stormtroopers had broken onto the Corellian Runner’s bridge, forcing Santos and Qurzer to beat a hasty retreat through the ventilation system and out onto the Corvette. In its docking bay they found a pair of speeder bikes and a Lambda shuttle. Santos and Qurzer were already using the weapons on the speeder bikes to take out the Imperial guards in the room when the women arrived by lift; the group managed to make their escape on the Lambda shuttle. As they spooled up their hyperdrive, Rakine detonated a bomb she had planted in the Corellian Runner’s engine room, rendering both ships helpless as pirates began to jump in to pick over the remains.

As soon as they hit hyperspace, Callia and Santos sensed the Force pulling them towards a planet in the Jiroch system. It was coming from what Callia believed to be an abandoned Jedi Temple. Zet was reluctant to land at all, now eager to make it back to Nar Shaddaa as quickly as possible, but she conceded to her friends. Something was clearly very wrong on Jiroch, as a day’s full walk revealed deranged hunters and large, ferocious local fauna who were drawn to attack any Force-sensitive beings. Steps from the temple, they encountered a madman cooking a pot of stew who kept giggling insanely about “the master” inside. Suffice to say, this did not make Zet any more enthusiastic about proceeding.

Inside, Callia quickly realized the temple was corrupted. Zet scouted ahead to a room containing an altar of some sort and believed it to be safe, so she invited the rest of the party forward — and they were promptly attacked by giant spiders and what appeared to be a masked Force ghost, capable of causing their worst fears to play out before their minds’ eyes. At one point, Santos laid hands on Zet to use his newfound ability to heal with the Force, but accidentally accessed the dark side. While her wounds closed, the pain was agonizing. Then the Twi’lek was overcome by visions of the Black Sun closing in around her, and, terrified, she fled the room, leaving her companions to fend for themselves. A few minutes later she recovered and crept back to join them, in time to see Callia and Santos had unmasked the so-called ghost. It was Callia’s former friend Sora, wearing Darth Nihlus’ Sith Death mask — now she called herself Darth Ravenous. The two of them managed to shatter the mask, but this only enraged Ravenous, who responded by Force pulling Zet to her by the throat. Panicked, Zet grabbed her final stun grenade from her pocket and set it off at point blank range. Ravenous was shaken by the unexpected attack, but Zet was completely knocked out by her own weapon and did not wake for over a day.

When she came to, the party had been moved to the Rebel ship Freedom’s Purchase. The Rebels had appeared in time to rescue them from Ravenous, but appropriated their stolen Lambda shuttle, and it was only due to Rakine’s intervention that they had agreed to take them as far as Corellia. There, they would have time to lick their wounds, lay low, and prepare for their next move.

It took some time to set up a meeting with Catrinna. Zet got her name through a friend of a friend, and she granted the party an audience over a game of sabacc. In spite of Zet’s best efforts to cheat, Catrinna managed to clean her and Santos out and then some, but in exchange she agreed to buy their Imperial speeders off them for 8000 credits. In addition, she insisted the group pay off their new debt by making a few simple deliveries for her. Step one, of course, would be acquiring a ship to do the task.

Catrinna told them about an HWK-290 docked with a Corellian Engineering Corporation executive ship, owned by an acquaintance who was not expecting them to come and borrow it. To gain access, Santos dressed up in his old CEDF uniform while Zet, Callia, and Qurzer posed as his aides, claiming to be there on behalf of the Chiss Ascendency. The CEC executive on board, Rikkard Bel, was intrigued enough to let them on board for a meeting. The second he departed to oversee the ship’s departure for Selonia, the party snuck away and down a docking tube to find the HWK in question. Its pilot, Palob Godahli, invited Zet and Callia on board. Zet allowed him to “show her around,” and then hit him with a knockout grenade. The party stashed him in a box in the freight area and uncoupled with the CEC ship just before it jumped to hyperspace.

They met Gustip at Centerpoint Station where he asked that they complete the Corellian Shuffle, a risky smuggling run completed via a series of carefully-calculated microjumps. The crew managed to complete it in record time with Palob’s help, in spite of a run-in with renowned pirate Kath Scarlet just before crossing the finish line. Their reputations now precede them in the Corellian Sector.

Palob informed them that he really needed to get to Selonia where he was supposed to deliver a briefcase to Nossk. He offered to let them tag along, and that familiar name was enough to convince the smugglers that it was where they wanted to go.


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