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  • Roleplay log: An Unwilling Ally

    When the blackness of the dreams recedes from Callia, shes still faced with blindness in her physical sense of sight. At her bedside, there is a presence vaguely familiar to her. The muted artificial light would show marble-striped horns and long

  • Familiar Surroundings

    Another dream of another place. Its comforting and familiar, the warm sun filtering in through a large window while she sat in lotus position upon the smooth floor. There was the sound of running water from the refresher, then a door opening and

  • What to do?

    At first I was confused about what to do with the money given to me by Zetnuri and Santos. It was quite a lot and I have never been paid before. There was nothing to repair on the ship but it had a lot of extra room in the cargo sections.


  • Master Alesca Timmat

    Jedi Master Alesca Timmat came from a humble beginning. She was born on Corscucant and discovered early enough in childhood that separation from her family was not at all difficult.

    She reached the status of Padawan at age twelve and became a

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