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  • Vignette: Beware the Dark Side, Jedi

    (OOC: 1. A little insight into how Callia is feeling after the badness on Jiroch. 2. Deals with some heavy stuff at the end. TW for youngling death.)

    The dream come in a fitful manner, shadows enveloping her on all sides

  • Familiar Surroundings

    Another dream of another place. Its comforting and familiar, the warm sun filtering in through a large window while she sat in lotus position upon the smooth floor. There was the sound of running water from the refresher, then a door opening and

  • Master Alesca Timmat

    Jedi Master Alesca Timmat came from a humble beginning. She was born on Corscucant and discovered early enough in childhood that separation from her family was not at all difficult.

    She reached the status of Padawan at age twelve and became a

  • Master Val Isa

    Val Isa gave up her lightsaber for a paintbrush, trading the life of a warrior for that of an artist.

    However, a vision of a Jedi temple covered in blood compelled her to re-purpose an old Hammerhead-class cruiser into a mobile hospital and

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