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  • Vignette: The Shards of Nihilus

    The old hermit had seen much excitement lately. Oh yes, indeed! The temple on Jiroch that had become his home had hosted many guests since the Master arrived. With a pout, the hermit realized it was unlikely any new guests would arrive, now that the

  • Master Alesca Timmat

    Jedi Master Alesca Timmat came from a humble beginning. She was born on Corscucant and discovered early enough in childhood that separation from her family was not at all difficult.

    She reached the status of Padawan at age twelve and became a

  • EV-8D3

    EV-8D3 was the visible figurehead of the New Droids Rights Movement on the Oridelve Oridium Mining facility.

    It is a sadistic droid, compelled by its MDF motivator to cause suffering and distress to others, droid

  • R2-B7

    R2-B7 is an efficient astromech unit responsible for maintaining the mining equipment, life support systems, and the storm barrier generators on the Oridelve Oridium

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