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  • Between Episode II and III: A realization

    So now Zet knows who I once was am. That was a hard conversation, admitting that I was once part of that Order. I havent thought about my training or that path in a very long time, not beyond the nostalgia of days past and the pang of

  • Vignette: Self-Actualization

    It has been days. Days of unrest, of healing and of the constant bombardment of doctors and nurses and tests. Callia hasnt had a moment to herself in that time, not the way she would have preferred to. The holo novel Zet had left for her helped

  • A Quiet Conversation

    Travelling amongst the stars in a large metal container means that one cannot avoid another forever. Especially when the other comes seeking that one out.

    Its during one of those moments when

  • Callia

    Like many destined for a life of service to the galaxy, Callia was taken from her home at a very young age. She neither remembers or really desires to remember her life from before the Temple. The Temple was the only childhood she knew and with that she

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