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  • Vignette: Fleecing the Rebellion

    If you think youd have better luck with chance cubes Zetnuri is not even trying to hide the broad smirk on her face as she scoops another dozen credits up off the table and tucks them away into a pocket. Three rebel

  • Vignette: The Shards of Nihilus

    The old hermit had seen much excitement lately. Oh yes, indeed! The temple on Jiroch that had become his home had hosted many guests since the Master arrived. With a pout, the hermit realized it was unlikely any new guests would arrive, now that the

  • Familiar Surroundings

    Another dream of another place. Its comforting and familiar, the warm sun filtering in through a large window while she sat in lotus position upon the smooth floor. There was the sound of running water from the refresher, then a door opening and

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