Chiss Ascendancy


The Chiss Ascendancy, sometimes termed Chiss Space or the Chiss Empire by outsiders, was a portion of the galaxy just inside the Unknown Regions that was ruled by the Chiss.

The Chiss were governed by an oligarchy of extended Ruling Families from House Palace, located in the city of Csaplar.


The Chiss were very xenophobic, believing themselves to be superior to all others. Because of this, the Chiss were as isolationist as possible. They rarely engaged in trade with those outside their borders.


In total, the Ascendancy consisted of Csilla and twenty-eight inhabited colonies, although the Ascendancy contained several hundred thousand star systems within or near its borders:

Avidich system
Bogo Rai system
Catlia system
Celwis system
Cioral system
Colonial Station Cam’co
Colonial Station Chaf
Copero system
Cormit system
Crustai system
Csaus system
Csilla system
Jamiron system
Kinoss system
Klasse Ephemora system
Massoss system
Naporar system
Noris system
Ool system
Ornfra system
Oyokal system
Pesfavri system
The Redoubt
Rentor system
Rhigar system
S-K system
Sarvchi system
Schesa system
Sharb system
Shihon system
Sposia system
Thrago system
Yashuvhu system

Chiss Ascendancy

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