Cloud City


Cloud City is the crown jewel in the Bespin system. It is a major metropolitan area floating among the clouds. The city is a major trading hub in the Outer Rim region and a significant source of Tibanna gas for the galaxy. Cloud City boasts famous luxury resorts, museums, casinos, and an annual Cloud Car race called the Bespin Grand Prix.

Cloud City consisted of 392 levels, in addition to level zero, a top-side surface-level plaza concourse. The level-arrangements were as follows:
Level 1–50: The Tourist District, Tibana Sunset Casino
Level 51–100: Upscale housing areas.
Level 101–120: Administrative offices.
Level 121–160: Port Town.
Level 161–220: General housing of the facility’s workers.
Level 221–280: Factories.
Level 281–370: Gas refineries and miners’ quarters.
Level 371–392: Contained the 36,000 repulsor lift engines and tractor beam generators that kept the city afloat and in position.

The last official census placed Cloud City’s population at 5,427,080. That figure did not count the droids. As Bespin’s total population was estimated at 6 million, the city was by far the dominant settlement on Bespin.

Cloud City

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