The fifth planet of the Corellian system, watery Selonia is an ocean planet, rich in natural resources and home to the fierce and insular Selonian people. Selonia’s surface is mostly covered with deep, frigid, tempestuous seas with a handful of small islands, archipelagos, and atolls scattered here and there, mostly around the equator.

Many of the available landmasses are volcanic islands – often still active. On Selonia, only the simplest life has evolved to live on land. Most advanced life forms either live in the oceans or underground.

The Selonians themselves live deep beneath the seas, in a planet-wide network of tunnels and caverns bored into th e very living stone of the planet over the course of tens of thousands of years. It is in this subterranean labyrinth-city that the Selonians live, work, and play, building high-quality advanced technology goods for export and harvesting food and resources from the endless Selonian seas.


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