Stormtroopers were the soldiers of the Galactic Empire.

While different terrain required variant armours, the standard white plastoid armour of the Stormtrooper was a ubiquitous symbol of Imperial rule.

Although stormtroopers often worked alongside the Imperial Army, Intelligence and Navy, the Stormtrooper Corps operated independently of all branches of the Imperial Military. Hence, the Corps possessed its own command structure, ranking system and support facilities. Together with the Imperial Royal Guard, stormtroopers answered directly to the Emperor, but were managed on a daily basis by Stormtrooper Command.

All stormtroopers donn high grade plastoid armor impervious to most pistols and solid projectile weapons and would protect the trooper from some military grade rifles and carbines. Stormtroopers carry cylindrical thermal detonators that can be set for 6-18 seconds. They also carry a grappling hook, several extra magazines, and various special rounds compatable with a BlasTech E-11 blaster rifle ( I.E- tranquilizer, incendiary ect.)

While on their way to the starport on [[Mos Shutta], the protagonists were pursued by a Stormtrooper unit. They escaped when Zetnu’ri detonated a stun grenade in the middle of the Stormtrooper group.


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