Tide-Class Mon Calamari Star Cruiser


The Mon Calamari cruisers were originally built for civilian purposes, serving in numerous peaceful roles like passenger ships and deep space exploration vessels by the Mon Calamari species.

All Mon Calamari cruisers were handcrafted, ensuring that each vessel was different. The ships had a distinct organic look that directly contradicted the stark, harsh factory lines that signified the Imperial starships. Each vessel had a unique, seemingly random assortment of lumps and bumps dotting its surface. These were in fact highly modular capsules that could be retrofitted to house crew’s quarters, maintenance facilities and, in time of conflict, shield generators, turbolasers, and ion cannons. As the modules were interchangeable, the cruisers were very versatile, able to be fitted for pleasure cruises, scouting missions and frontline capital ships. However, because the ships’ designs were so varied, maintenance and repairing a damaged cruiser was often a long and difficult process.

Until the MC90 class, Mon Calamari cruisers were not designed to accommodate different species. Holographic displays and monitors were optimized for Mon Calamari vision, and some controls required movements that were nearly impossible for Humans to perform.

A Tide-Class Mon Calamari Star Cruiser designated The Corellian Runner was purposed as a cruise liner touring the Outer and Mid Rim territories.

The Corellian Runner left Bespin on its route towards the resort world of Kaal. Other destinations include the agriworld of Kineyn and the trade world of Harrin. It was interrupted during its course at Mugaar by an Imperial ship, a rebel sabotage, and an onslaught by Mugarri pirate.

Tide-Class Mon Calamari Star Cruiser

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